11 outdated wedding trends to remove from your vision board, according to planners


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Not all wedding trends are timeless. You just have to look at the hats of the bridesmaids from your grandmother’s 1970s or lace puffing sleeves from your mother’s 1980s. In the end, the trend cycle is natural: each generation of couples invests in important details that do not resist the test of time. That said, here are 11 decorations and rituals for the official sunset and what to replace them with.

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Personalized signage

Some wedding signs are useful, for example those that list the ingredients of your drink signature or direct the guests to the portable toilets installed out of sight of your tent. But incorporating printed or neon signs throughout your day is ultimately a waste. “The signs have gotten out of hand,” says Kelly McWilliams, founder of Kelly McWilliams Celebrations, Weddings & Parties. “Signs are meant to inform – if something is obvious, you don’t need a sign for it.”

A particular type of panel to avoid? “Absolutely get rid of any signs that you’re the bride or the groom,” McWilliams says. “They’re totally unnecessary, because everyone at your wedding realizes that.”

Jacqueline Hallgarth by Jacqueline Hallgarth Events recommends replacing your welcome panel and your easel with a more personal touch: “Instead of having a large panel that the guests see once, I would spend the money so that your guests are welcomed with A cup of champagne or rosé “, she says. “It’s a much warmer welcome.”

Meaningless favors

If you have found a really creative and useful memory, include it as a memory for your guests, if not, abandon favors and invest in the experience of your guests. “First of all, no one notices when you don’t have [favors]”There is no shortage of them,” said McWilliams. “Rather than spending $ 3 to 6 per person for something that guests may not even take with them, how do you say to spend money for something they will appreciate or that they will remember , like a photo booth or past desserts? On the dance floor? “

guest books

Traditional gold books have long been replaced by creative and personalized options – coffee table books with friends and family signing in the margins or polaroids surrounded by notes of sympathizers – but even these do not capture Always the attention of your guests. “Have you ever seen one filled in the past few years?” Said Stefanie Cove, creative director of Stefanie Cove and Co. “The idea is thought out, but most people focus on their cocktails while socializing and enjoying the party.”

If you are married to the idea of ​​a guest book, but you want to bring this tradition into the 21st century, consider an audio iteration: many couples opt for “vocal” style messages, which allow Participants to get a phone, often placed on living room furniture during cocktail time and save their warm wishes.

Shipping Sparkler

When you are ready to go out of the big day, Laura Ritchie, main designer at Grit & Grace, says to jump magic candles. “We officially call the end of magic candles! ” she says. “As a planner, it’s a nightmare to bring together drunk guests and align them to light a long fireworks sword for just” one last blow “from the photographer.”

Other alternatives to consider? “To finish the wedding on a good note, with a beautiful song and an end of evening snack while the guests go to the door, is a much more beautiful ship!” said Ritchie.

Artificial hedges

The bottom canvases in false boxwood lined with champagne shelves at the aperitif time or at the entrance to the reception do not have the elegant impact that you are considering. “It’s an unnecessary and cheesy wedding setting,” said Hallgarth. “Instead, spend the silver for a real hedge wall with real flowers.” (While you are there, forget the whole concept of a wall of champagne: who wants to have a warm and non -sparkling glass when he could have a fresh and crisp glass?)

Individual wedding party presentations

Presenting each of your bridesmaids and your boys of honor while they are presented individually at the reception – and ask them to make a creative dance movement when entering space – is simply too much asking to Have your best friends (haven’t they already done enough?). “Let’s face it: very few people like to be called and forced to dance in a room of 200 people,” says McWilliams.

Instead, honor your wedding party by presenting them as a group. Try it, “Ladies and gentlemen, here is the wedding party! And they can all enter at the same time, adds McWilliams. “This also avoids the group leader or the DJ to spoil their names and win a few minutes of this part of your evening, which allows you to hear one more song during the open dance,” she said.

Palm leaves, pampe grass and dried flowers

“The palm leaves and the pampe grass had their moment, in particular with the influx of weddings to destination,” explains Ritchie. “However, it is time to put them in bed and go off the beaten track in terms of tropical or bohemian decoration.”

Hallgarth agrees: these flowers, which were an unexpected alternative to fresh flowers, are a trend that is worth ignored. “When this trend appeared for the first time, it was used for a different and unique floral approach, especially for bohemian or desert marriage,” she said. “Instead of the pampe grass, you can incorporate greenery or stems from your floral flowers to organically complete the space of the event.”

Geometric ceremonial arches

The square canvas of square ceremonies were once a choice of popular design, but consider a more natural look. “Geometric ceremonial arches have also followed the trend of bohemian weddings in the desert and will unfortunately date a couple ‘wedding photos,” said Hallgarth.

Think beyond the geometric arches and “incorporate floral treatments on the ground to create a lush and magnificent ceremonial frame,” said Hallgarth.

Oversized bouquets

When designing your bouquet, think timeless and elegant, not oversized and wild. “This tends to swallow and overwhelm the eyes of a bride,” said Hallgarth. “I would like to bring back a small bouquet that completes the bride’s body and dress, so the bride carries the bouquet, not the other way around.”

Design “more it’s more”

Maximalism is out and minimalism is inside, known as Layne Povey, main designer at The Lynden Lane Co., so keep your decor subtle and organic. “Do not brown the lily,” she said. “The design of your wedding must talk about the natural environment and your aesthetics. Do not think that the more better, and rather look for ways to make intentional design choices.”

Feel obliged to follow the tradition

More than ever, couples should abandon the idea that the day of their wedding must correspond to someone else’s vision or follow certain trends. You don’t have to serve brunch the next morning; You can calligraphs the names of the guests on the menus instead of making-stakes; And you can serve a pie for dessert instead of a cake.

“You don’t need to throw a bouquet or launch a garter to feel that your wedding day is over,” said Povey. “If certain traditional elements of marriage do not suit you, allow yourself to delete them or launch your own new trend which corresponds more to your love and the celebration you are considering!”


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