11 vision board ideas and examples for students


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Vision boards are a great tool to turn your dreams into reality.

They act as prompts to your subconscious, making you more sensitive and receptive to the opportunities around you that can propel you towards what you want in life.

A goal board or dream board, as vision boards are also sometimes called, promotes a growth mindset. It encourages you to work hard, learn from your mistakes, and improve.

With a growth mindset, you end up becoming a better version of yourself.

Children and students have much to gain from an early introduction to vision boards and the growth mindset. They can be equipped with the tools to meet life’s challenges as they age.

Are you looking for a way to make your dreams come true?

In today’s article, we share a collection of vision board ideas for students. We hope these examples will inspire you to create your own vision board and work towards realizing your dreams.

Let’s see the examples we have collected for you.

(Note: If you’re not sure how to get started with this strategy, check out this FREE printable worksheet and six-step process to help you create the PERFECT vision board.)

Best vision board ideas and examples for students

1. Foldable vision board

Vision boards are often a collection of pictures and words cut from magazines and pasted onto a stiff, poster-sized piece of cardboard. If you’re looking for a portable vision board, however, this accordion-fold example is worth a try.

It can be folded like a book and easily carried in a bag. It can be made any size you like.

This board can be rigged anywhere and anytime if you need some extra inspiration.

2. I am

Sometimes what we want in life are not material things. For many people, an ideal life begins with being at peace with yourself.

Nevertheless, many people find that the path to self-awareness is difficult. A vision board can help clarify the personal qualities you possess. It can be a powerful tool to help you find that elusive inner peace. (Check out this article for tips on how to build self-awareness.)

This sample vision board was created in the pages of a bullet journal. It recalls the wonderful qualities of the creator of this board. Perhaps she is now closer to discovering her authentic self.

3. Live Aloha, Give Aloha

The sky is the limit when it comes to designing and creating your vision board. In this example, the creator used a 3D effect with some of the images using a technique to make the images pop.

Counseling itself aims to achieve balance in all areas of life. The creator used several empowering statements, such as “I am beautiful”, “I am strong” and “I am not afraid of anything”, as headers for this board.

If you were to create a similar board, what would your empowerment statements say?

4. Vision ship

The conventional vision board is usually a flat display of pictures and words representing your dreams. This vision vessel, however, is a creative variation.

Instead of a flat layout, the container uses a cylindrical container (like a jar) as the surface on which to display the collage of words and pictures.

As with a regular vision board, you will need cutouts of the appropriate pictures and words that represent your dreams. You will also need glue and objects to embellish the container. You might want to check out this article for some of the basic vision board supplies you can use to complete this project.

Your vision ship can also be used as a cookie jar. It’s a fun and tasty way to remind yourself of the goals you’re working on.

Remember to place your vision vessel in a prominent location so that it is convenient for you to do your daily visualization.

5. Visions for the year

Many vision boards are colorful and adorned with sequins and other sparkly elements. However, not everyone likes a dynamic board.

This example shows a vision board with a more subdued design and color palette.

You can actually print some images you like and use them for your board. Vision Board printables also work great with this type of design.

What would your color scheme be?

6. Bujo Vision Board

Here’s another vision board inspiration created in the pages of a bullet journal. In this example, the owner created this flip-up viewing board from scratch.

She first made a layout of her vision board by sketching and doodling her goals, visions and dreams. When she was satisfied with the result, she colored the pencil sketches using various pens.

When a vision board is tucked away in a bullet journal, one can easily access it and use it as a visualization tool to manifest one’s goals.

And you, would you like to try this layout?

7. Level Up So Difficult

Here is an example of a digitally created chart representing a student’s goal to do well in school. This painting contains several motivational quotes to inspire the owner of the painting to be the best they can be and believe in the power of their vision.

It also features several images that evoke a healthy, meaningful, successful, and satisfying life. If you combine this vision board with wholehearted commitment, nothing stands in the way of creating the life you want.

8. Watch me manifest anything I want

Here is another digital collage representing the vision of success of students, not only in studies, but also in other areas of their lives.

This painting is a gentle yet powerful reminder to its creator that he should remember to be his most natural self when pursuing his goals.

Additionally, they are reminded to keep doing what they love, to have fun in everything they do, and that all of their experiences are part of the growth process.

9. Future career

Although this vision board may look very simple, the design belies the deeper meaning of the featured images, which represent growth and hope.

The painting is a visual representation of a person’s enthusiasm for their chosen career, which evolved as the owner of the painting grew older.

10. Manifest with a vision wall

Vision boards are often displayed on a firm surface, and this example features photographs, postcards, and other ephemera attached to a wall with thumbtacks.

Whenever you need to visualize your goals and dreams, you can simply turn to the wall where you have placed your vision board.

All you need is a blank wall, magazine cutouts, cards, printables, stickers and other visuals to create a stunning and exciting vision board like this.

11. Vision Board for Student Success

If you’re a teacher introducing goal setting to your classroom, having your students create vision boards is a good place to start. (Or better yet, try it yourself first and check out these vision board examples for teachers.)

Before your students create their vision boards, you can help them clarify their goals by listing several questions for them to think about, such as:

  • Where do you want to travel?
  • What will you buy when you have the money?
  • What do you want to be when you’re older (career-wise)?

This activity will not only boost their goal setting skills, it will also help them see possibilities for their future.

Final Thoughts on Vision Board Ideas for Students

Vision boards are a proven method for realizing your dreams. They help your mind become more receptive to opportunity so you can achieve the things you want in life.

Did you find a favorite among the vision board ideas featured today?

We can all benefit from creating a vision board at least once, and introducing children and young people to vision boards early encourages them to develop a growth mindset.

A growth mindset promotes resilience and teaches us the value of hard work and persistence in the face of challenges. Having this kind of mindset facilitates success in your various endeavors.

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Finally, you need to remember to set aside a few minutes each day to look at your vision board and visualize your goals. This daily exercise is crucial to manifesting the things you want.

Finally, if you’re not sure how to get started with this strategy, check out this FREE printable worksheet and six-step process to help you create the PERFECT vision board.

11 vision board ideas and examples for students


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