17 vision board ideas for men to manifest their goals


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Looking for vision board examples for men?

Although some people think vision boards are just an arts and crafts project to entertain you on a lazy afternoon, this tool actually helps you achieve your goals.

Vision boards aim to empower people to achieve what they want most in life. They work by harnessing the law of attraction.

The images and words that can be found on vision boards stimulate your senses through visualization. In this way, you become more receptive to opportunities that allow you to realize your dreams.

If you’re wondering what a men’s vision board looks like, we’ve rounded up some of the best examples to inspire you.

But before we get to our list, let’s briefly discuss the basic elements of a vision board.

(Note: If you’re not sure how to get started with this strategy, check out this FREE printable worksheet and six-step process to help you create the PERFECT vision board.)

Vision Board Elements

Here are the main elements that you find on most vision boards.

1. Pictures. These images from magazine cutouts, prints, etc. are associated with the goals you want to manifest. More importantly, they evoke the feelings you associate with achieving your goal. (Learn where to find free magazines for your vision board.)

2 words. The words, affirmations, and quotes you place on a vision board are meant to motivate you and help you overcome your limiting beliefs about your ability to achieve your goals.

3. Realia or Memories. These elements add visual interest to a vision board. They also serve as visual reminders of empowering experiences in your life.

Let’s discover our list!

1. Poetry in her journey

Some people react more positively to the written word than to pictures. If you’re one of those people, you might enjoy the vision board example above. (You may also enjoy this article about Manifesting Something by writing it.)

You will notice that the majority of the design elements in this table are made up of phrases and words.

Much like an all-picture vision board, this word-rich board aims to empower and encourage its creator to reach their highest potential.

2. Fitness Motivation Chart

Here is another example of a fitness vision board. This one combines both words and images to help its creator visualize and achieve peak physical fitness for himself.

3. The CEO

If you’re considering creating a career-focused vision board, you might want to take inspiration from this example. The creator of this painting chose images that represent his idea of ​​a successful career.

With these images and words and a regular viewing habit, a person can manifest this dream in no time.

4. The Christian Keyes Vision Board

When working with vision boards, it’s good to remember that in addition to choosing the right images and words to represent your goals, you also need to set aside time each day to look at your board and visualize achieving it. these goals.

In the example above, the creator of the board has placed their board in a prominent place, on an altar. This way he can constantly visualize his goals until they are achieved.

5. Generous and Generous

This vision board not only demonstrates a person’s desire to live the best life possible, it also shows that this person wants to develop their faith and believes that a higher power is going to be instrumental in helping them achieve their goals. .

6. Live, work, create.

Self-improvement is one of the most popular vision board themes, and this example is great inspiration for finding your authentic self.

Would you consider using a chart like this for your goals?

7. Mom, I’m a rich man

Even though we are already adults, we still want to make our parents proud. In this vision board example, the owner used the desire to make his mother proud as the main motivation to achieve his goals.

Based on the images and quotes found in this digital vision board, we can assume that the following goals are among the goals of the board owner:

  • To become rich
  • Become more responsible
  • Marry the person they love
  • Adopt a healthy lifestyle

8. Do it for you

This vision board is primarily aimed at achieving career success in information technology. The images, quotes and phrases featured in this table were chosen for their ability to galvanize someone into action.

You can use a vision board like this as a wallpaper for your computer and other gadgets. This way you will constantly see your goals and be motivated to achieve them.

9. Earthy and high

This inspiration wall is a unique way to set up your vision board. You can create a vision board like this on your bedroom wall.

Choose images and other design elements that resonate with you and best represent your goals. In this vision board, postcards and magazine pages are the main design elements, creating an earthy look.

10. Travel light

Picture boards don’t have to be set up on a sturdy board and placed in a prominent but private place in your home. You can also use a notebook/journal to create a vision board.

Some people prefer to leave empty, white spaces in their vision boards. It symbolizes growth during the time they work to achieve their goals.

11. Powerful

Here is an example of a vision board focusing on career, personal development and recovery. A chart like this helps clarify where you need to focus your energy to start living the life you’ve always wanted.

12. Go to the next level

Besides helping to clarify your goals, a vision board serves as a map that helps you reach your destination.

The owner of the vision board featured above seems to understand this and captioned his post with these wise words [translated from German]: “Only those who know their purpose will find the way.

13. Dare to dream

In addition to acquiring material wealth, some of the most popular goals men work towards with vision boards include:

  • A happy family life
  • Freed from debt
  • doing their favorite hobbies
  • Traveling

These goals are illustrated in the example above. Do you have similar goals?

14. We are good

You might want to try framing your vision board, like in this example. It means you are serious about your intention to achieve your goals.

Usually, when one shows commitment to their dreams, the universe opens up and places opportunities to manifest those goals along the person’s path.

If they have diligently done their daily visualization, they are more open and receptive to these opportunities. They are in a better position to seize these opportunities to manifest what they want.

15. In the Ring

Need more examples of digitally created vision boards? Here’s another that emphasizes success in a financial and academic sense.

16. Art Therapy Vision

Vision boards are a wonderful tool for manifesting healing and recovery. This example was created during an art therapy session.

If you intend to create a vision board for healing, you may want to include uplifting words and images that radiate hope, acceptance, and love.

17. First Sight

This painting features magazine cutouts of images, words and phrases to represent the creator’s vision of success.

What counts as success is different for each of us. A vision board can help you clarify what is important to you.

Final Thoughts on the Men’s Vision Board

There you have it, 17 great examples of vision boards to inspire you to visualize the realization of your dreams.

Do you have a favorite among those featured in this collection?

Vision boards can help you get what you want. However, you must be willing to commit to visualizing and being receptive to opportunities that bring you closer to your goals.

You might want to check out these other resources on vision boards to help you get started on your own:

Finally, if you’re not sure how to get started with this strategy, check out this FREE printable worksheet and six-step process to help you create the PERFECT vision board.

17 vision board ideas for men to manifest their goals


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