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Do you have a vision board for 2020? Don’t throw it away just yet!

Most people started the year – and the new decade – with hope and anticipation.

My vision board workshops were full of bright faces who presented beautiful and inspiring words and visions of what they wanted to do, have, be and feel in 2020.

Then the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic hit.

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For many people, this pandemic has brought a lot of conflict.

Plans for reaching new career heights, amassing monetary gains, traveling the world, dating, and exploring other pursuits have changed or come to a halt.

For others, serenity has turned into fear. Sadly, for still others, the illness and death caused by this virus has caused pain and grief.

Yet, amid the heartbreak and chaos of 2020, the year is not lost. And the vision board you created for yourself at the start of this year may still have a chance.

Here are 3 reasons why your 2020 vision board still has a chance this year.

1. Vision boards create openings for abundance and opportunities to be fully present in your life.

Many people create vision boards with the intention of getting what they want. Expectations often lead to disappointment, global pandemic or not.

To more fully realize the benefits of a vision board, I teach my clients to connect with who they want to be and how they want to feel.

If you focus on how you live your life, you will be happy no matter what you do or what happens to you.

Your state of mind matters. You have the power to be whoever you want and to feel what you want right now, in this very moment.

Approach your journey on the vision board with an openness to what is possible and an undefined timeline, and you will be more successful.

2. What’s important to you may be more obvious than ever.

Dreams don’t exist in a vacuum. It is also acceptable to adapt your vision or change your mind.

And, given what you’ve been through so far this year, it’s natural, if not necessary, to revisit the ideas you had in January.

Allow time to determine if you need to make revisions and make your changes:

  • Take a good, long look at your vision board.
  • Ask yourself what feels less relevant now. What clarity has emerged from this pandemic? What do you think is most important and urgent to do, to be, to have and to feel?
  • Get out of magazines or go online and find new words, affirmations, and images that clearly speak to where you are today.
  • Update your vision board with the new pieces.
  • Resume your daily practice of engaging with your board.

Think of your vision board as a process in which you are free to adapt as you grow and learn, and you will feel more connected and more likely to benefit from using it.

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3. Sometimes things happen that you don’t expect and sometimes those are better things.

Creating a vision board is not about being prescriptive.

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Of course, when you are clear about what you want to bring to your life, you engage your brain’s reticular activating system (RAS) to visualize those things – and the more likely you are to get what you want.

The RAS then regularly searches your environment for information to help you and build your abilities, as well as your confidence.

But sometimes, no matter how well you visualize what you want, the universe has other plans. You cannot fully control what happens to you – you can only set intentions.

Sometimes the universe brings you life experiences – and with them, life lessons – before you can achieve your dreams. Other times, the universe has something else in mind, something better.

Take heart. You don’t have to get discouraged and throw away your 2020 vision board.

If you reflect, revisit, and reframe what has happened so far and what you want to create in the future, you can look at your vision board with hope and clarity, and continue to build a life you love.

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Lisa Petsinis is a Certified Life and Career Coach who works with stuck and exhausted women to find their passion and purpose so they can embrace their future and live fulfilling lives. Contact Lisa on her website and find out how you can use a vision board to create a life you love, starting today.

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