3 Singapore houses that are an array of natural light and greenery



Tropical accents meet modern elegance in this home, by Perinelli Design

While most future homeowners may dream of enjoying a panoramic city view from their living room or watching the sunrise over the ocean while lying in their bed, one family in Singapore chose instead to wrap oneself in the branches of nature. Their third-floor apartment offers a unique privilege of being snuggled up by the surrounding trees, sheltered from the cityscape beyond. Designed by the company Perinelli Design based in Singapore, their residence is a true modern tropical paradise. “Our client’s brief was very concise,” explains Alessandro Perinelli, studio director at Perinelli Design. “They asked us to create a stylish, practical and modern home that is not opulent. It works great with our own design aesthetic. The 2,800 square foot apartment includes a family room, a living and dining room, a wet kitchen and a dry kitchen, three bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, a powder room, a pantry, a bedroom service and a service yard. The original layout was more or less kept during the redesign, although Perinelli made a few small changes to make it easier to move from one space to another. What is most commendable about the apartment is the variety of materials that Perinelli has brought, without compromising the cohesion of the space. There are many shades of marble, from soft and mellow Golden Spider marble floors to a polished Baltic gray kitchen island in the dry kitchen, a forest green countertop with red veins in the powder room and finally, classic white marble. of Carrara in the adjoining bathrooms. Still, there is a sense of oneness brought by muted tones and an understated earthy character. “They were all selected together,” says Perinelli, “All of the material panels were developed at the same time to ensure that the flow of the space was really working. “

A condo in the city’s heritage district, by Nidhi Jain

This apartment is a luxurious 5 BHK spread over 3,800 square feet on Arcadia Road in Singapore, a heritage area with a lush canopy of trees, some of which are over 100 years old. The clients – a family of four – had a fairly straightforward mandate: the house had to be glamorous. As entertainment was part of their profession and part of their culture, they wanted an elegant space where they could comfortably entertain guests. With the condo nestled amid lush greenery, the design team, represented by architect and interior designer Nidhi Jain, didn’t have to look too far for inspiration. With the conviction that a good design should adapt to the environment and stand the test of time, the team set to work. “We usually start our design process by creating a story from the start of the house, leading to different spaces, to the last corner of the house. The idea was to use natural beauty as a source of inspiration in our design concept, ”explains Jaïn. And while the house had good bones, everything from furniture, art to accessories, was tailor-made to create a glamorous interior. Singapore being one of the first countries to be hit by the pandemic, the team sped up the whole process and pushed the client to move in after major architectural work was completed. A week later, the lockdown was announced; and the project was finally completed in August 2020.



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