3 things people often get wrong



Lasan’s vision board is not a board at all, but a book worthy of a coffee table filled with seven fold-out panels. Each section contains photos, scriptures, and words that speak to a particular life theme (such as spirituality, wellness, family, etc.). She chose to wrap it that way in part so that she could always have the vision exposed where she could see it. Lasan looks at the book every day and does more in-depth checks to see how she’s heading towards her goals once every few months.

If you are not interested in displaying a large painting on a wall, or if you do not have the necessary materials, feel free to explore different displays like books, cards or online collections, whatever. you want to review often.

For more information on Lasan’s approach, check out his six-week vision course or his abbreviated vision boarding course for beginners. Now seems like an especially important time to do this work, as many of us are in limbo, unsure of what the future holds. These paintings are a way to keep positivity and hope to move forward into the unknown. “Because at the end of the day, you don’t base your vision on fear; you base it on faith, ”says Lasan. “To have vision and faith means to act on things which are not seen until they are accomplished.”



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