7 real estate vision board ideas and examples


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Looking for real estate vision board examples?

We’ve got you covered with today’s post.

We’ve rounded up the best examples of vision boards for manifest your real estate dreamswhether you are in the real estate business or looking for your own perfect forever home.

Vision boards are a great tool to help you achieve your goals in many areas of your life. For example, you can use vision boards to find the love in your life, achieve fitness goals, and achieve academic success.

(Note: If you’re not sure how to get started with this strategy, check out this FREE printable worksheet and six-step process to help you create the PERFECT vision board.)

Benefits of the Vision Board for real estate

Here are some of the main benefits of using a vision board for real estate:

  • Identifies your priority real estate objectives
  • Provides a plan on how you can achieve those goals
  • Inspires you to work harder in your real estate business or career
  • Primes your senses to recognize opportunities that bring you closer to success
  • Increases your creativity and ingenuity

Tips for Creating a Vision Board for Success in Real Estate

If you haven’t tried making one yet, creating a vision board is pretty easy. (An easy-to-follow guide to creating a vision board can be found in this article.)

The general layout of your vision boards should represent the goals you want to achieve.

If your goal is to succeed in real estate, you might want to incorporate the following into your vision board layout:

  • Images that represent “success”
  • Inspirational quotes related to real estate, perseverance, work ethic etc.
  • Words that encourage, motivate and inspire action
  • Small objects related to your goals, to add visual appeal to your board (if you are creating a physical vision board)

In the meantime, if you’re manifesting your dream home, you might want to include pictures of how each part of the house looks.

Many people nowadays prefer to create their paintings digitally. They appreciate the portability and convenience of a digital board they can take with them anywhere.

There are many apps and sites online where you can create your digital vision board, and you can learn about the best of them in this article.

On the other hand, if you are creating a physical vision board, a wide range of vision board supplies may be available right in your own home. You might want to consider using magazine cutouts, stickers, printables, boxes, etc.

A few reminders for creating a vision board that works

When using a vision board, it is important to engage in the daily habit of visualizing the manifestation of your goals.

You can do this by setting a specific time each day to physically sit in front of your vision board. Imagine in your mind a future in which you have already achieved your dreams.

It’s important to place the finished vision board in a prominent but private location so you can do this practice easily.

Of course, you can view your goals anytime, anywhere. All you have to do is find a quiet place where you know you won’t be disturbed for a few minutes. Then create a mental picture in your mind where you can see yourself achieving your goals and fulfilling the desires of your heart.

Keep reading to discover inspiring examples for creating your own board.

1. Home and Hearth

This vision board represents a person’s goal of owning their dream property. The images showcase both the interior and exterior of their dream home.

Several words are incorporated into the vision board, which provide concrete descriptions of their dream home and its specific location in the country.

2. Vision Board Your Home

This digital vision board was created to evoke a feeling of “home”. It is an image-rich board featuring images of different parts of a home, along with a consistent color scheme that helps establish a homeowner’s preference for a specific design aesthetic.

3. Design your dream home

This physical vision board features magazine cutouts of pictures and words representing what they want for their dream home.

This painting also features a printout of the floor layout of the person’s dream house. A certain dollar amount is also placed on the board, perhaps to remind the owner of the vision board how much he needs to save to build the house he wants.

4. Sell with soul

While early examples of vision boards showed ideal properties for people looking for their dream home, this example comes from someone who wants a successful career in real estate.

This shows the council owner’s desire to make sales in real estate while providing personal and sincere service to his clients.

5. Turn dreams into reality

This example features tips created by a real estate agent to help colleagues create their own real estate vision boards. For this board, a cork board was used as a rigid support.

Colored thumbtacks and tape are used to stick pictures and notes on the board. This useful template is a wonderful example of the versatility of visual onboarding.

6. Hand Drawn Vision Board

If you’re looking for an unconventional vision board, you might like this example.

This is a hand drawn vision board. The owner/creator used watercolors and pens to create the visual representation of his life goals. Would you consider doing something like this for your own vision board?

7. 100

This vision board focuses on the goal of a team of real estate agents to sell 100 properties in one year. The number “100” appears prominently on the board.

Additionally, images (such as a photo of Rep. Ocasio-Cortez, who is a known advocate for fair housing laws), words, and quotes reflecting their belief in what the real estate industry is all about (for example, “Life is made to be shared”) are placed on the board.

Final Thoughts on the Real Estate Vision Board Ideas

Here is a complete list of inspiring examples of real estate vision boards.

Hopefully, the vision boards presented in this article will inspire you to manifest your own goals in real estate, whether you’re a real estate agent, business owner, or someone looking for your dream home.

To recap, vision boards are versatile manifestation tools that can be used in many areas of your life. When used correctly, they can help make your dreams come true.

Dream big!

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Finally, if you’re not sure how to get started with this strategy, check out this FREE printable worksheet and six-step process to help you create the PERFECT vision board.

7 real estate vision board ideas and examples


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