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ANDERSON – Logos are essential branding and marketing concepts in businesses – think Nike Swoosh, McDonald’s Golden Arches, or Apple – but something public schools haven’t had to worry about as much.

But in an era of school choice when public schools compete for students and the dollars they bring in, distinctive emblems are becoming important to schools in their marketing efforts.

Officials at Anderson Community Schools on Tuesday unveiled a new logo to replace the one developed about 20 years ago when Dr Jane Kendrick was superintendent.

This logo – two hands holding a globe superimposed on a map of Indiana with the slogan “Anderson’s Youth … Tomorrow’s Global Citizens” does not appear on the school district website and has been copied so many times on the papers from the district, it is barely recognizable.

The new logo is the product of solicited entries from the ACS population, officials said. It consists of an abstract image of an Indian headdress in red and green partially surrounding the words Anderson Community Schools and the phrase: Knowledge. Service. Community.

“We think this is a great and wonderful logo, and we’re excited to start building on it,” said Terry Thompson, ACS Superintendent.

Out of 27 nominations submitted, a committee selected what it believed to be the top four, said Joe Cronk, chief operating officer.

District staff were invited to vote and the selected logo was the favorite by far, he added.

In addition to a new logo, school board members worked on a new vision and mission statement, which were also unveiled on Tuesday.

The school’s new vision states: “At Anderson Community School Corporation, we believe all students will learn to their full potential in a safe, orderly, caring and healthy environment.

And “The mission of ACS is to inspire, encourage and support every student to achieve high academic and social standards as responsible citizens by doing whatever it takes.”

School board president Ben Gale said board members have been working on the new goal statements while developing a new overall strategic vision for the school system.

“I’m excited,” Gale said. “It’s good to see us come together again on a shared mission.”

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