An Anti-Vision Panel Can Help Unblock You | Good + Good

JTypically, a vision board is made up of pictures and words that represent your dreams and goals. In other words, it focuses on the positive things you want to bring into your life. But there’s a case to be made for swinging in the completely opposite direction. An anti-vision panel, if you will. We were drawn to this idea by Blume co-founder Taran Ghatrora, who explained how creating one helped her out of a rut on the Lessons Learned Podcast.

When creating an anti-vision board like Ghatrora did, you want to imagine 10 years from now where you don’t want to be except the things that are beyond your control. Then make a list of what you should do (or not do) to make this worst-case scenario happen. From there, you can write down the changes you need to make to avoid such an outcome on your anti-vision chart.

“I think it could be great for helping people with their boundaries, red flags in relationships, people-pleasure, and other negative patterns,” says psychotherapist Aimee Daramus, PsyD, LCP. “Anyone trying to up their game in relationships could use it. Anyone who wants to avoid gaslighting, who wants to be aware of exploitative work situations.” She adds that it could also be suitable for anyone trying to change negative patterns or avoid social pressure.

If you’re someone who tends to fall into negative thought patterns, Dr. Daramus says you can try creating an anti-vision board for your negative thought patterns and pair it with a traditional vision board. “It’s easier to walk away from something negative if you know where you want to go,” she says.

And remember, you can have fun with it. “The anti-vision board could be epic in the hands of someone with a great sense of humor,” says Dr. Daramus. “Certainly feel free to be silly or use mild self-satire.”

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