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Multi-layered eye care

Tony V. Martin, The Times

Multi-layered eye care

At Multack Eye Care, the goal is to challenge the status quo in eye care, delivering better patient outcomes.

“Our commitment to the most advanced technology available, in partnership with our incredible team, has enabled us to produce exceptional results,” says Dr. Sam Multack.

With sites in Frankfort, Olympia Fields and Bourbonnais, Multack Eye Care offers procedures as in demand as 3D cataract surgery in an office at the Frankfort site. Multack Eye Care is also part of several clinical trials on cataracts and refraction.

The team works every day to treat patients with exceptional care and achieve the best surgical results while using the most advanced technology available, Multack says. Highly trained staff strive to answer patients’ questions and listen to their concerns.

The staff also put community first and regularly volunteer or donate to women’s shelters, animal rescues, children’s sports teams, Ronald McDonald House, Girl Scouts, local schools and more. The firm also created MEC Cares, which provides free eye care, including cataract surgery, to those in need.

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