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Revelstoke City Council has approved a new vision for the official community plan.

After a $ 30,000, multi-month process involving community surveys and a focus group, the vision that will guide the development of the OCP revisions was finalized.

The new vision reads as follows:

“Revelstoke will pursue a sustainable mountain community by balancing environmental, social, economic and cultural values ​​in a local, regional and global context. Our rich heritage and stunning natural environment inspire us to be forward thinking, inclusive, resilient and welcoming. We will create a supportive and vibrant community for those who live, work and visit here today and in the future.

The community’s priorities are:

  • A range of housing options and affordability
  • Environmental protection and stewardship
  • Act against climate change
  • Personal and community economic growth and stability
  • A responsive and caring social support system
  • Lifelong learning opportunities
  • Promotion of various cultural and spiritual values
  • A range of leisure activities and activities for residents and visitors

Although COVID-19 put a damper on community engagement, city staff convened a focus group, which included the Planning Advisory Commission, the Environmental Advisory Committee, the Economic Development Commission, the Social Development Committee, Tourism Initiatives, Collective Impact Management Team, Chamber of Commerce and Youth Committee.

The new vision statement builds on the previous one, which was written in 2009, with the addition of a few key words and ideas that allow flexibility as concepts change and incorporate values, such as uniqueness and the Revelstoke vibe, which were identified through community feedback.

Councilor Rob Elliott voted against supporting the new vision statement, saying he would like to see it more condensed.

The official community plan is the direction of municipal staff when creating policies, bylaws, and approving developments, among other things. This is a 20 year planning document used to address the big picture and future vision of the community. The vision statement and priorities guide the creation of the OCP.

The 2009 vision statement reads as follows:

“Revelstoke will be a leader in achieving a sustainable community by balancing environmental, social and economic values ​​in a local, regional and global context. Drawing on its rich heritage and natural beauty, this historic mountain community will pursue quality and excellence. Revelstoke is considered dynamic, healthy, clean, hospitable, resilient and forward thinking. He will undertake to exercise his rights with regard to decisions affecting the North Columbia Mountain region. “

Community priorities included:

  • Opportunities for young people
  • economic growth
  • stability
  • eco-citizenship
  • personal safety and security
  • a responsible and benevolent social support system
  • a first-rate education system and local access

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