EIL: Engineers India adopts new vision statement to deliver total energy solutions

Public consultancy firm Engineers India Ltd (EIL) said on Saturday it had adopted a new vision statement aimed at making the company a global leader in providing total energy solutions. “The energy landscape in India and globally is changing at a rapid pace and organizations across the globe are redefining their business operations with a focus on sustainability, climate change and energy transition,” the company said in a statement.

EIL said that since its inception, it has always aligned corporate and business strategies with the energy ecosystem and aims to achieve a leadership position in the energy sector.

“To reinforce our resolve and commitments to futuristic goals, we at EIL would now be guided by our new vision statement – ‘To be a global leader delivering total energy solutions for a sustainable future,'” the statement read.

This new vision would set EIL on a path of growth and transition, transforming the company into a total energy consulting organization with a leadership position across all pillars and constituents of the energy sector.

“The Vision Statement would also motivate and inspire us to strengthen our resolve and aspirations to be a global leader in providing a full range of solutions to its stakeholders in the energy sector, with a focus on minimizing the overall carbon footprint in processes and designs,” he said.

“We believe this powerful vision statement, coupled with the strong fundamentals, technical prowess and high skill sets we possess, will excite and motivate all of us at EIL to deliver our niche and value-added services in the landscape. energy.”

Founded in 1965, EIL provides engineering consulting and EPC services primarily focused on the oil, gas and petrochemical industries. Last month, the company set 2035 as the target year to achieve net zero carbon emissions across all of its operations.

“In the rapidly changing global energy landscape, carbon intensity is becoming a key performance indicator for the success of any organization. New project investments are also being diverted to clean and green technologies instead of technology-intensive solutions. therefore, it has become imperative to become a net zero service provider to enhance corporate branding,” he said on April 29.


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