Eta Compute’s AI Low Power Vision Board Accelerates Design, Testing and Deployment of Transformative On-Board Vision Solutions



WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CA – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Eta Compute Inc., the leader in energy-efficient endpoint AI solutions for intelligent anywhere sensing, has announced its ECM3532 AI integrated vision board, the lowest power on-board vision board that helps developers to speed time to market. The card enables vision applications that last for years to be deployed on a single battery. The developer community is invited to see the AI ​​Vision Board in action during our free webinar with Edge Impulse on March 31.

“With computer vision, devices can understand the world around them, making them perform better, safer, easier to use and more autonomous,” said Jeff Bier, founder of Edge AI and Vision Alliance. “But vision algorithms are very computationally intensive, and the power consumption required to deliver the necessary processing performance has made these capabilities impractical for many potential applications. We applaud Eta Compute’s innovation and collaboration with other Edge AI and Vision Alliance companies, which make vision achievable in many new power-sensitive applications.

Eta Compute’s small form factor (1.5 “x1.5”) of the AI ​​ECM3532 vision board, built-in battery, and low-power IoT / Bluetooth connectivity make it the ideal solution for prototyping , field testing and deployment of AI integrated vision applications. Its ultra-low power operation removes the obstacles with traditional solutions or attached cards that have extremely limited battery life and high power consumption. The board includes three sensors (ambient light, microphone, accelerometer / gyroscope), a low power Himax HM0360 camera and an expansion slot. The AI ​​Vision card is the second in a growing family of cards, modules and systems designed by Eta Compute.

“Eta Compute provides one of the most integrated platforms for the development of sophisticated and modern hardware. With Edge Impulse, Eta Compute developers can design, test, and deploy fast, embedded applications on a multitude of workloads, from object detection to classification and actual counting, across human, animal and machines, ”said Zach Shelby, CEO and co-founder of Edge Impulse.

“Our unique integrated ECM3532 AI vision board simplifies and accelerates development time while reducing risk and costs for developers creating AI vision solutions,” said Ted Tewksbury, CEO of Eta Compute. “For the first time, they can leverage an integrated map complemented by Edge Impulse’s machine learning development platform to deploy vision applications that may have the power to transform the lives and work of individuals. people.

Support for edge pulses

The ECM3532 AI Vision Board is supported by Edge Impulse’s machine learning development platform for rapid neural network development, making the design of energy-efficient vision endpoints transparent. The companies have collaborated to integrate Eta Compute’s TENSAI workflow software, optimizing design workflow for unmatched efficiency in on-board AI design for the next generation of smart devices.

“We look forward to helping embedded engineers create better vision algorithms as well as frictionless data acquisition using Edge Impulse and Eta Compute, with greater ease and speed,” said added Zach Shelby, CEO and co-founder of Edge Impulse.

Companies will co-host a free webinar to introduce the AI ​​Vision Board on March 31. For more information on registration, visit the link.


The ECM3532 AI Vision Board is available now and can be ordered from Digikey or from the Eta Compute website. For a limited time until the end of March 2021, Eta Compute is offering a 50% discount.

About Eta Compute

Eta Compute creates energy efficient AI endpoint solutions that enable sensing devices to make autonomous decisions in energy-limited environments, including smart infrastructure and buildings, consumer, medical, retail, and a diverse range of IoT applications. The company’s TENSAI platform optimizes the implementation of neural networks on its Neural Sensor Processor and partner Edge AI processors and improves inferential energy and system cost by an order of magnitude or more.

Eta Compute’s system solutions approach enables the proliferation of AI edge inference into a wide range of existing applications, as well as new applications that would never have been considered possible.

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