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Say goodbye to the hurricane logo.

Greenwood County School District 50 officially unveiled its new logo and vision statement on Tuesday, embracing its identity as “D50.”

Johnathan Graves, director of communications, said the board initiated the rebranding.

“They wanted to get a new visual identity and a new slogan for the neighborhood in order to create enthusiasm and excitement for the neighborhood,” Graves said Monday.

The district formed a rebranding committee last year that included district council members, teachers and staff.

The new logo, designed in collaboration with Rhodes Branding, incorporates this identity with a logo described by district officials as innovative and clean.

A community-wide rebranding survey found that the D50 moniker meant a lot to people and was how people most often refer to the district.

“The purpose of the new branding is to come together and all to support something and the visual identity and the new slogan of the vision statement is kind of how we do it with the board and with the community, “said Kelsey Reynolds, Public Relations Specialist.

“We wanted something innovative and forward thinking that could carry the whole neighborhood for years to come. “

The district’s updated slogan and vision statement is “Building the Leaders of Tomorrow Together”.

“You’ll see it’s similar to what we have now, but the change, the big change in this new vision statement is the whole word, and it’s something that came out of our teachers’ board of directors.” Graves told the board on Monday. . “They wanted to add that word and the reason they wanted to add that word is because they understand that it takes a community for this district to be successful and I really think it’s important that we have that word in there. because we are all inclusive, we understand that it takes the whole district for us to be successful.

The board approved the new logo on Monday evening, and many board members praised and praised Graves for their work with the rebranding.

On Tuesday, the new branding was rolled out on the district’s website and district employees were encouraged to wear green to celebrate.

The district will also update the school logos starting next month.

“This doesn’t mean we’re going to take the ‘G’ out of Greenwood High School or change the bulldog to another mascot in Brewer,” Graves told the board. “It’s just for some of our grade school friends, they don’t have a logo so we want to make sure they have a logo and it’s clear and consistent throughout the school.”

The first phase of the rebranding with Rhodes Branding cost the district $ 4,000. Phase two, which includes refining the logo and updating things like signs and letterhead, is underway.

“Throughout this process, we mobilized the voices of students, alumni, board members, staff and faculty to inform the direction of the new visual identity and vision statement, ”District 50 Superintendent Steve Glenn said in a press release.

“Even though most of this process took place during the COVID-19 pandemic, we had an amazing time listening, asking questions and listening more. We couldn’t be more excited to reveal our new identity to the D50 community.

Contact editor Lindsey Hodges at 864-943-5644 or on Twitter @LindseyNHodges.

Contact editor Lindsey Hodges at 864-943-5644 or on Twitter @LindseyNHodges.



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