Here’s how to create your 2022 vision board like everyone else on TikTok


Finally I can have an aesthetic wallpaper

It’s the time of year when you spend the first week of January planning all the new ways to become the best version of yourself (whatever that means). For many, this involves setting goals, creating resolutions, and planning projects that you completely abandoned in February. And on TikTok some go even further and create their vision board for 2022.

You’ll definitely have seen them all over your FYP with Pinterest aesthetic images of Scandiesque babes drinking green juice or champagne, hanging out on yachts with effortlessly dried curls, and an equally attractive group of friends. The majority of vision boards are in line with the “that girl” aesthetic which is essentially TikTok’s new it girl. She eats healthy, works out, wears the best clothes and always puts her personal care first.

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The days of creating a physical vision board are long gone. People create TikToks with a montage of images as a mood board or use TikTok to show the process of creating a visual mood for their laptop background. Scrolling through TikTok really feels like creating collages on Tumblr, WeHeartIt, and Polyvore when we were younger. For a New Year’s trend, this seems harmless and fun, and now all I want to do is learn how to create the most aesthetically pleasing vision board possible.

Here’s how to create your TikTok 2022 vision board:

There are two common methods you can use to create a vision board, one is on Powerpoint and the other is on apps.

The first method

1. Go to Pinterest.

2. Save pictures of things that inspire you.

3. Open Powerpoint or Google Slides.

4. Create a new slideshow and delete everything in it so that it is a solid background.

5. Import your photos from Pinterest.

6. Move and modify them until you are satisfied.

7. Save as image and set as your desktop background.

The second method

A variety of apps are available to create your vision board that offer more textual and graphical options. The most popular seem to be Canva and The Landing.

Here’s how to use The Landing:

1. Save images from Pinterest.

2. Go to on your desktop.

3. Click “Get Started” in the upper right corner.

4. Enter your details for a free connection.

5. Create your table by following the steps provided.

6. You can use images from other user boards by selecting the “remix” option.

7. To save your image, head to the “Share” button and scroll down to “upload image” which will be saved in png format.

8. Set as wallpaper.

Featured image credit before edits Rianne Zuur/Unsplash

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