High school students in Flint area participate in Vision Board competition for scholarship money


(04/08/2017) – The hopes and dreams of high school students in the region were on full display on Friday evening.

ABC12’s Amy Hybels followed three students who did their best to convince a panel of judges that they are serious about setting and achieving goals for their future.

Fifteen students from five different high schools took to the stage with one goal in mind, convincing a panel of three judges that they have a vision for their future.

“My name is Lindsey Dellinger, I’m from Flushing High School and I want to be a graphic designer.”

Lindsey Dellinger, 18, will attend MSU in the fall. The senior, who had a GPA of 3.79, focused on two key points while presenting her vision board to the judges in the Flint International Dream Center’s “Vision Board Contest” for Kids’ Money. scholarships:

“I am creative,” she explained, “you have to work hard to achieve your goals.”

“My name is David Rogers, I’m 14 and I’m going to attend Grand Blanc high school.”

14-year-old David Rogers says music is his calling, singing a chorus to us from one of his favorite songs.

The first year high school student, who enjoys singing, is studying the piano and plans to attend Columbia College in Chicago.

“My name is Nia Mabry, I’m from Flushing High School and my dream job is to be an obstetrician-gynecologist.”

Nia Mabry, 16, will be a junior this year, and she is already considering U-of-M Flint for pre-med.

“So how did you do it,” we asked after she presented her vision board to the judges. “I did well,” she replied, “I thought I did well.”

The judges accepted. She tied with Courtni Jones for second place and won a $ 500.00 purse in a draw. Jones won a scholarship of $ 250.00.

We asked Mabry how she plans to spend the $ 500 check.

“I’m going to save it to buy a car … and keep saving.

Pearls of wisdom from a 16 year old.

Dellinger and Rogers both won scholarships of $ 250.00.

First place winner Bryce Keels, who plans to attend U of M Flint this fall, has won a thousand dollar scholarship which he intends to put to use:

“It’s going to be spent on my studies, I’m trying to be a neurosurgeon, so that’s where it’s going,” he explained.

The Flint International Dream Center distributed a total of $ 4,000 in scholarships that students are allowed to spend as they see fit.

Event coordinator Pastor Michael Stone told ABC 12 News the scholarships were made available through the generosity of Lawrence Moon Funeral Home, a grant from the Tobias Harris School of Business Mentoring, Power of God Ministries, as well as other donors.


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