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“Sometimes you have to see it to believe it”

If you need a sign to tell you to start manifesting and plan for your future, then this is it, this is your sign to start.

Big celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Beyonce, and Katy Perry have used vision boards to define their goals, so why wouldn’t you want to?

Olivia Attwood recently spoke on Vicky Pattinson’s podcast The Secret To about making her dreams come true. “I am very attached to writing down the protests, what I want and what my dream is. Some of the things that happened I wrote in journals and described what I dreamed of… and they have come to the fore. reality.”

Vicky replied “Last week I sat down and became Vicky ‘collage’ Pattison … I worked on it for weeks, I printed all my photos.”

Olivia said making a vision board would be her next step. “I think visualizing things is important.”

Demonstrating has become popular with many people and is known to work, and bulletin boards are the perfect way to start.

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What is a vision board?

A vision board is a collage of words, pictures, and other materials that represent your dreams and ambitions. It aims to visualize the goals you have and focus on what you want to achieve. With the aim of creating inspiration and motivation for your visions. They can also include things you have accomplished so far, to give you motivation for how you got there and what you can continue to accomplish. Vision charts can be based on life as a whole, or more specifically on your career, relationships, health, home, finances, or hobbies. The list is endless – anything you want to do can be put into one visualization.

How to make a vision board

So what are you waiting for? Here’s how to make your vision board …

First step – define your goals: Use soul-searching to find which area or two of your life you want to work on, focusing on what you want to improve or continue to develop. For example, your ultimate career goal or something smaller like your dream bedroom. From there, create a list of the things that first come to mind. Determine whether the goals you want are short or long term, so you know when you want to achieve the end goal.

Step two – find your inspiration: Use short words that motivate you towards your goals and find images that grab your attention, making you want to look at your vision board. Who wants a dull vision board?

The easiest way to find your inspiration may be to flip through magazines, – from lifestyle to fashion to interiors – tearing up the images you aspire to have. But it does not stop there. You can use Pinterest or Instagram to find printable images, stickers, tags, postcards, patterns, textures, cards, personal photos. The key is to make sure they stand out, by drawing your attention to them, while also giving you something to resonate with.

Step three – plan your table: This is the best part, when you put your artistic and craft skills to good use. Lay the pictures and materials you found on your board (either poster board or cardboard) and start figuring out where you want to put each thing. BUT don’t paste it until you’ve rearranged them and are completely happy with how it looks.

Now you are ready to start gluing them – don’t be afraid to overlap and add textures and writing to the vision board.

Fourth step – use your table: Place your completed vision board somewhere that you look at regularly, you will feel more benefit if you look at it often as it will constantly give you the motivation to work towards your goals. Having a physical vision board is the best way to approach it, but another great idea is to take a photo of your board. This can be kept on your phone and set on your lock screen or home screen on your laptop and phone. Doing this will increase how much you look at your aspirations.

Fifth step – update your table: A good idea is to date the vision board for when you look back at them. This way you can see how far it has come since its inception. Another idea is to check out what you originally put on the board and keep adding your new inspiration to it.

If you are having trouble printing or finding images for a physical vision board, feel free to use these steps to create your vision board virtually – on your laptop or on your phone.

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And if you want to take your manifestation further, try working on a manifestation journal to record and work on your goals.

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Ways to better organize yourself to achieve your goals

1) Make a list of all the things you need to do – it can be small or large tasks – but make sure everything is written down and in small manageable chunks.

2) prioritize the things you need to do – eg things you need to do today and things that can be done for the rest of the week.

3) Allocate a time for each of the tasks – this is the time you will need to get the job done, so make sure it is doable.

4) Check off the tasks you have done, to give yourself a sense of accomplishment – go through your list to prioritize a few more tasks for the next day.

5) Continue until all the tasks for the week are completed.



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