How to make a vision board that works for manifestation



As a self-proclaimed manifestation coach, I made vision boards before they were all the rage. As a teenager, I flipped through piles of old magazines and enthusiastically tore up page after page for whatever I wanted. Over the years, so many of these things have come to fruition. Dream career? To verify! Soul mate? Yeah! Bylines in Cosmopolitan? Ended! In other words, the vision boards job.

Curious to know more about display boards for manifestation? I chatted with mystical colleague Natalia Benson, a mindful business coach, financial mentor, and astrologer, all about vision boards, including what they are, how to create one, and what to do. to activate their magical powers.

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Wait, what is a vision board?

“A vision board is a board, which can be physical or digital, it’s a conglomeration of images that reflect the desires you have for your life that you would like to achieve and experience,” Benson said. What makes a visualization board magical, she adds, is that pictures are the language of the subconscious. They are responsible for helping us make these desires come true.

How to make a vision board

1. Find a board

You can create a physical, tangible vision board from a foam or poster board. Or if you’re a tech-savvy mystic, you can create a digital version using any photo editing app or program like Canva (bonus: it’s free). Although they are more time consuming and energy intensive, Benson prefers physical vision but notes that digital vision boards can be just as powerful.

2. Find images you vibrate with

Then collect all your inspo images. Benson recommends using Pinterest or Google to find images to print, or going the old fashioned way and cutting images that you vibrate with from your favorite magazine. The key, according to Benson, is finding images that “turn you on and inspire you” and represent things you want to manifest in your life: a dream home, more money, a new vibrator, and so on.

3. Include short and long term goals

For your vision board, you can focus on short or long term goals or mix them up. “There is so much magic when you are ready to dream those biggest dreams,” says Benson. Even though these dreams seem out of reach right now, she says, “there is so much power in seeing these images and focusing on them over a long period of time.”

4. Add words and phrases, if you wish.

This step is optional, but if there are some magic words, phrases, or mantras that enlighten you (for example, “I’m the baddest bitch in town” or “I’m a money magnet”), Benson recommends add them to your dashboard. “Your vision board is really a space to inspire and activate your energy; that’s really why, ”she said.

5. Put it all together

Finally, you will have to formalize it and paste the images on your vision board (if it is physical) or finalize your digital board. At this point, you can keep it simple with dreamy pictures or let your freak flag fly and go wild with stickers and glitter. Up to you! “You can do anything,” Benson says. “That’s what’s fun about the vision board, it’s so creative. “

How to use your vision board for the manifestation

Good, you did your board !!! Now what?

Vibe with your vision board daily

Once your vision board is complete, turn on its magic by looking at it daily. For digital vision boards, Benson suggests saving it as your phone or desktop wallpaper so that you see it all the time. For a physical vision board, she recommends placing it somewhere you can see it from your bed. At night, she says, is a particularly effective time to work with your visualization board: our subconscious is most impressionable right before we fall asleep.

Take action

According to Benson, the protest is a two-part process. Part of it is the vision — this is where working with your vision board comes in — and part of the action. “The universe has to co-create with us,” says Benson. “We can’t just sit down. For example, if you want a dream job, actions might include improving your CV, submitting an application, and preparing (then crashing!) For your interview.

The nice thing about vision board work, Benson adds, is that when your subconscious mind absorbs all the images, you will start to receive prompts, internal (i.e. your intuition) or external, on the type of actions that will bring you closer. to your goal.

Don’t worry about the “when”

For vision boards to work, you must release attachments for when things will manifest. “Don’t put pressure on yourself or the universe to deliver your vision board by a specific deadline,” Benson says. “Surrender is a big part of the vision boarding process, but it’s also a lot of fun just trusting the process.”

Take it slow

And finally, when it comes to visualization boards, know that you can’t go wrong. “As long as it activates you and you’re ready to engage regularly with your vision board, this is the recipe for truly feeling the joy and rewards of the power of a vision board,” says Benson.

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