How to make a vision board? We’ve put together the ultimate guide



It all starts with a dream. Or a thought. Yet another addition to our mental to-do list. Everything we really want out of life starts small. But it’s so easy to let those goals and instincts fade into the ether when we’re busy with the task at hand, which is often the monotony and craziness of everyday life.

So why not try something visual to get what you really want out of the world, one step closer to becoming a reality? Whether it’s a new career goal, a trip abroad, or a new fashion business, add it to your dashboard.

The concept is part of a method of “manifestation” which is a favorite of the queen herself, Oprah. It is also rooted in the philosophy of the law of attraction, according to Psychology today: “The idea that your way of thinking directly affects what the universe gives you”.

It’s basically a mood board, but instead of being for the interior or the aesthetic, it’s up to you to imagine the direction of your life visually. Think about pictures and visual aids for the things you want most, all laid out together on a beautiful poster or board.

Disclaimer: It has been argued that encouraging people to apply these thought processes to things like our finances would not be helpful, as much more specific and personalized advice is needed for those areas which are more difficult to find. control by visualization alone.

However, when it comes to making sense of your life goals, putting those desires out into the world as tangible thoughts and pursuing them, we’re totally here for it.

Here’s a guide to using a vision board correctly, to start your journey towards the things you want most in life.

How to make a vision board?

You can create your vision board either digitally on paper, but more importantly think of it as a visual representation of the things you want.

If you’re doing it digitally, you can use Pinterest or the Canva graphic design platform, or just good old A3 (or larger) paper if you’re going analog. Then find your resources. Browse the internet, books, magazines, anywhere that inspires inspiration.

If you are considering a career change, find pictures and information that you think represents that dream, and write them on the board. If you can’t stop thinking about visiting a certain country, look for the best photos that sum up your travel goals.

It’s also important to remember that you don’t have to focus on the “things” you want in life, it could be what you want to feel. Find pictures and visual representations of these feelings and list them on the board.

Once you’re done, post it somewhere you’ll watch it often. It will help you internalize where you would like to go and motivate you to get there, instead of feeling really far away because it’s just a small tree of thought in your brain.

Most importantly, your vision board can be a work in progress, meaning you can update it as your goals and plans for the future change.

Who uses vision boards?

As we mentioned, the lady Oprah herself is a big advocate for vision boards. While she now feels that she’s so adept at manifesting that she doesn’t need to do them anymore, she explained her top tips on how to do one during an interview about her 2018 film. . A wrinkle in time.



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