India and Vietnam sign joint vision statement; seeking to strengthen the reach of military ties: The Tribune India


Tribune press service

Ajay Banerjee

New Delhi, June 8

In an important development of India’s “Act East” policy, India and Vietnam on Wednesday signed the “Joint Vision Statement on India-Vietnam Defense Partnership 2030″, which will significantly enhance the scope and scale of existing defense cooperation.

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh signed the joint vision statement after meeting with General Phan Van Giang.

The two sides renewed their exchanges on expanding bilateral cooperation.

“Our close defense and security cooperation is an important factor for stability in the Indo-Pacific region,” Singh tweeted.

The two sides also signed a “mutual logistic support memorandum of understanding”.

This is important as it allows Indian warships and military aircraft to refuel and resupply from Vietnamese bases.

Vietnam is one of six countries in dispute with China over territorial demarcation in the South China Sea.


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