Issa Rae’s Vision Board 2013 will inspire you to create one of your own



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I don’t know why I never really went to vision board nights. I believe in the power of manifesting and writing or illustrating the dreams and goals you have for your life. Yet, for some reason or another, I never made one for myself.

But after 2020 in Chile, some things need to change. And a sister is ready to try new activities in order to create a world… better than the one we live in now.

Again, I didn’t think I would sit down to create a vision board on December 31st.

But that was until I saw an Instagram post on Tv Issa Rae. And I was convinced.

She was showing the vision board she had made for herself seven years ago, in December 2013.

She has divided her board of directors into three categories: personal, professional and miscellaneous.

And as she considered the meaning of each of the images on her board, it was amazing how many of her dreams and goals for her life had come true.

In the video, Issa said:

“Seven years ago, on December 13, around the same time, I created a vision board with some of my company at the time. And looking at it, I framed it and put it in my office. So much has happened. On the work side, I knew I wanted to do something with HBO. Do this shit, baby.

Some of the other goals Issa had achieved were world travel, appearing on Netflix, thanks to her film. Lover. She wanted to get her money right. I wanted to go to Essence Music Festival, do the cover of a magazine. Interestingly enough, she cut out the word ‘cover’ and didn’t realize it was the Cover Girl logo / font, for which she is now a brand ambassador. She started Color Creative. She put the word Billboard on the board long before she knew she had any ambition to start a label.

She shared that she wanted to get back in shape, buy a house with a pool, start doing more grocery shopping. She said she wanted to fall in love and did it.

The things on her vision board that she is still working to accomplish might be having kids, incorporating more adventures into her life, getting more involved in the environment, being on her own. activist Malcolm X and create a better world.

She also shared that there is an app on the way that we will be hearing about in the future.

Issa ended the video by saying, “So all of you, this is a pandemic. 2020 looks bleak, but having a vision board is so essential and truly rewarding. You subconsciously and potentially achieve those goals that you set for yourself every day, so make one! “

I’m on it!

You can check out Issa’s video and comments on her vision board below.



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