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After months of work, Kimberling City adopted a new vision and a new statement of values ​​to help prepare for the future.

According to city administrator Jerry Harman, the city has been working on a vision statement for the future of Kimberling City since February. The city contracted Prep the Page LLC, a Missouri-based consulting firm specializing in planning and community, economic growth, to lead and facilitate the conversation.

The goal of developing a vision and values ​​statement was to address the long-term perspective of community sustainability in order to help communicate the identity of the community and contribute to the decision-making and city operations, according to Harman.

According to a press release from the City of Kimberling City, city staff, city council and community stakeholders have met remotely and in person to discuss what is valued and opportunities for improvement and change. The objective of the meetings was to define a collaborative vision statement to guide the long-term sustainability of the city.

The city’s vision and value statements were adopted at a special meeting of the Kimberling City Aldermen Council on Wednesday, April 14. Release.

“The town of Kimberling City is a wonderful, relaxed, residential and recreational community located directly on Table Rock Lake,” Kimberling City Mayor Bob Fritz said in the statement. “As we look to the future, we celebrate our natural beauty, the safety of the community and the friendly and welcoming attitude of Kimberling City. The city is also looking for opportunities to improve, revitalize and develop.

According to the press release, the city has developed the following plan and action plan to help support and lead the vision statement. The city’s action plan is as follows:

– Formally adopt the vision statement

– Communicate the vision – internally and externally

– Engage our partners, companies, residents, committees

– Define the city’s service standard

– Create a documented and articulated strategic plan – actionable, measurable, responsible

– Creation of a marketing plan – internal and external identity

– Encourage the city’s involvement in the community

– Live the vision every day

Vision statement:

Kimberling City is the Midwest’s premier family, residential and recreational lakeside community. Our city is dedicated to preserving a high quality, relaxed, safe and natural environment for the enjoyment of all now and is committed to upholding these values ​​for future generations.

Declaration of value:

The Town of Kimberling City is committed to providing high quality customer service to residents, guests and businesses while maintaining a safe, family-friendly and vibrant community that celebrates its heritage and opens up new opportunities.

For more information on Kimberling Town, visit or call the town hall at (417) 739-4903.



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