Le Moyne College Athletics Vision Statement



The brief period between the February 2010 announcement of Le Moyne Athletics’ long-term strategic positioning as a member of the NCAA Division II and the scheduled January release of the One Le Moyne strategic planning document , provided a unique opportunity to conduct a review of intercollegiate athletics and recreation programs on campus within the context of the College’s current strategic priorities.

The document was organized to provide a vision statement for “What Should Happen to Athletics and Recreation?” To better meet the needs of our students and our community. In addition to the “goals and objectives” presented as the means to achieve this vision, the document also aligns each of these “objectives” with the appropriate strategic priority of the OneLeMoyne vision. I have also included the department’s mission statement and the 10 guiding principles for intercollegiate athletics.

The ability to draw conclusions based on the data was essential to this review. Therefore, all recommendations for intercollegiate athletics are based on comparative data compiled from the NCAA, NE 10 conference and ICAC during its 18-month divisional classification review. Recommendations for campus recreation were generated by 3 recent site visits to similar institutions, personal interviews with leaders in existing recreation settings on campus, and findings on the scope and facilities provided by the ICAC during their sports exam.

Finally, this assessment resulted in a series of policy recommendations focused on student outcomes – maintaining excellence where it already exists and achieving new excellence found in areas that may still be undernourished. Each of the “goals and objectives” in the following document will strategically align with the college’s OneLeMoyne vision and provide an opportunity for collaboration across all divisions.

“A 20-20 vision for the future”

I would like to paint you a picture of the future, but I offer a little caveat in advance. It is not a set of promises or commitments. The following is meant to be an inspiration for all that is possible. It represents my vision for the intercollegiate athletics and recreation department at the Le Moyne campus over the next 10 years. This represents for me a highly desirable set of outcomes that answers the question “What shall we become?” “

It is the 2020 academic year. There have been considerable changes at the college on the “heights”. Driving onto Thompson Road and turning right at the STOP sign onto Springfield Road creates a sense of familiarity – until you see the entire north end of the campus lined with bricks and black iron fences. This distinguished perimeter appearance of the north side of campus began in 2010 when the new turf field complex was unveiled. Now, from the facilities building, this fencing system runs the length of Springfield Road and drains into a two-level brick retaining wall at the base of the baseball field. A carefully disguised safety net was installed on the baseball field – a solution that adequately solved a neighborhood problem from several years ago, when baseballs were regularly flying over the Springfield Garden property.

The turf pitch is wrapped in a beautifully designed and tastefully landscaped field envelope that helps advance the quality image and exciting brand of athletics in a major high traffic area for the college. A decision in 2011 to redesign the plan of two existing buildings for washrooms, concessions and counters led to a more cost effective single building that now houses all functions successfully. Light poles are supplanted around the turf field, which has given life to the latest award winning technologies developed for field lighting. The adaptation of this new technology arose out of the college’s commitment to sustainability and the pursuit of LEED programming initiatives. The lighting program has been recognized by the city of De Witt as a model approach for a successful community and neighborhood partnership.

The once stone-covered road that led to the rear, northeast of the sports center, has now been paved and braked while a pedestrian walkway along the road created a safe passage for the hundreds of students who take this route on foot to and from the courtyards. and daily campus activities. Looking to the right, a state-of-the-art softball field with fan-friendly seating, a press box, and spacious outlets occupies the field that was once used for outdoor practice and training space. summer camp.

Continuing on the old service road to the old turf competition field, you are faced with a fence 12 feet high and 100 feet long with a banner that says “Welcome to the home of Le Moyne Dolphin Tennis “. Following a parking expansion plan in 2010, six tennis courts were strategically relocated to the north end of the former lacrosse and soccer field. The two rear entrances to the sports center are covered by logo awnings that promote a sense of welcome to the once “cold” exterior of the building.

Beyond the tennis courts, the bleachers, press box and fences of the former university turf competition field have given way to an area of ​​open, sprawling and well-maintained green grass that provides green space. extended, including the old softball field. The drainage facility allowed for multiple land space configurations that accommodate an expanded intramural and club sport program. The former location of the grass competition field now houses a 6-lane outdoor track, and a shared recreation and athletics field sits in the middle of the track. This track is available for cross country programs, the varsity track program, and the entire campus community for walking and jogging.

The driveway between the sports center and the recreation building is covered and accommodates an array of indoor sporting activities, including batting cages for baseball and softball and hitting nets for men’s and women’s golf. The spacious area and turf floor allow additional indoor training space and opportunities for sports medicine staff to conduct rehabilitation programs.

The recreation center now has a remodeled second floor above the cardio room. The focus on campus recreation and wellness that began in 2009 has brought a boon in the promotion of healthy lifestyle activities on campus and the expansion on the second floor has allowed for reconfiguration and a improvement of the weight room, cardio room and dedicated spaces. for specific course offers.

The changing rooms surrounding the pool have been completely emptied and reconfigured to allow for an enlarged pool deck and hot tub. The reconfiguration provided a more efficient and effective layout to better serve both varsity swim teams and the campus recreational community. The impact of adding the second floor to the recreation center also created a spectator viewing area above the newly configured locker room area.

The main entrance to the sports center has undergone a major facelift. The brown metal studs that once supported a crumbling facade have now been replaced with a more common cohesive theme of brick peers. The crumbling facade has been remodeled as an archway proudly displaying the words “Henniger Athletic Center” in backlit green letters.

Stepping into the lobby creates that true ‘Wow’ effect that has helped Le Moyne stand out among its peer athletic institution. The lobby is laid out much like the Plaza with TVs, carpeted floors and lounge-style furniture. When scanning to the left, the old ticketing / storage space has been refurbished to house a cafe. Neon lighting featuring “Dolphin’s Cove” hangs above the cafe which opens between 7:00 am and 2:00 pm Monday through Friday. The space offers bagels, muffins, and coffee in the morning, then transforms into a light lunch fair serving soups, salads, and sandwiches in the afternoon. On game night, the space transforms into a full-service concession booth transforming the facility into the perfect “night of family friendly fun” that has become the destination of choice for the surrounding community. Opposite “Dolphin’s Cove” in the lobby is a glass storefront promoting and selling athletic products. The store is open for every home athletic event and also for campus events such as orientation and open house.

The rebirth continues in the sports center when you enter the main gymnasium. The old high school-style wooden bleachers have been replaced with chair backs on one side and platforms that can accommodate club-style tables on the other side. The location of the courts has been moved 20 feet east, allowing for additional seats in the end zone and a location for the Spirit Squad and Support Group. Portable baskets, championship banners, renewed sound system, strobe light stand add to an arena feel for the installation. The rear, or the east end of the building, was renovated in 2011 from the former women’s team rooms and showers into a weight room and athletics training center.

And with that, you got it. “A 20-20 Vision for the Future” from Le Moyne Intercollegiate Athletics and Campus Recreation. I hope he provided a compelling and compelling view in response to the question “What shall we become?” “



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