Leadership pro tip: write a vision statement for your remote team



A remote workforce and a vibrant job market is a difficult combination for employers who want their team to feel connected and engaged and motivated to stay rather than looking for greener pastures elsewhere. This is especially difficult if your employees regularly complain that your organization does not have a ‘North Star’, as the Harvard business review recently put it.

Now is a good time to refocus on the pole star on your horizon.

What is the strategy?

A vision statement, a document outlining what your organization stands for and what it stands for, is an important tool to guide your team. And the team can even participate in the shaping process. Virtual vocations recommended a five-step process that begins with a virtual team meeting where everyone discusses what makes them tick and their work.

The statement should be clear, short and realistic. “While your team is working remotely, you need to remind them every now and then of the business goal. Therefore, a one-sentence, concise team vision statement will remind them of what they are working for, ”writes Jessica Fender of the site.

“Creating a clear, upbeat vision statement is the best thing you can do for your team,” she says.

Why is it effective?

The most effective statements are based on realism. Write in HBRCEO coach Sabina Nawaz warns that too broad or unclear a statement about how the team can turn it into everyday action will not benefit anyone.

“Some of the vision and strategy statements are at a 50,000-foot high level of sight. They may sound good, but leave too much room for the imagination of an employee working lower, trying to make a connection between their day-to-day work and the purported purpose of the organization, ”writes Nawaz. “Make sure the message is suitable to be delivered to all levels of the organization. When someone completes a project, emphasize the connection between their work and the bigger picture. “

What is the potential?

Fender says the vision statement represents the present, but it needs to be built to last.

“While it’s important to keep your team focused and get results fast, you also need to think about the future,” she writes. “Before you send the vision statement to the team, you need to consider future goals. “

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