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Company: Mayo Clinic
CEO: Gianrico Farrugia, MD.
Year of foundation:
The head office:
Rochester, Minnesota, United States
Number of employees:
Annual turnover (financial year 2021):
$15.7 billion
Profit | Net income (financial year 2021):
$1.2 billion

Products: Health Books | Daily Living Aids | Healthy Living Program| Sports medicine
Competitors: Kaiser Permanente | Intermountain | Health Care and Providence Health and Services Cleveland Clinic | Dignity Health

Did you know? The Mayo Clinic is that it has consistently ranked high in US News & World Report for the past five years. Additionally, the medical center has its branches in all 50 states.

The Mayo Clinic is a non-profit medical center in the United States, providing integrated health care research, care, and education. It is one of the top ranked medical centers renowned for its quality healthcare services. Founded in 1864, Mayo Clinic is committed to providing superior patient care every day.

Although there is no specific way to measure the quality of health care in a hospital or medical care center, Medicaid and Medicare recognized the Mayo Clinic for its quality and medical care. The thirteen best hospitals in the world received five stars. Six out of thirteen hospitals have the highest score for health education.

Mayo Clinic Mission Statement

“Inspiring hope and promoting health through integrated clinical practice, education and research.

Mission Statement Analysis

Mayo Clinic mission statement represents clear goals to promote better health care for people. The world-renowned medical center is on a mission to impact people’s lives with quality healthcare. Here are the components of the Mayo Clinic mission statement.

The first part of Mayo Clinic’s mission statement signifies the importance of promoting health through trusted medical care solutions. Ever since the Mayo Clinic started operating, it has tried to make health care accessible to everyone, no matter where they live.

The medical center runs brilliant online consultation programs and provides easy-to-reach healthcare providers. It contains many accessible health documents and digital channels on the website. The medical center recognizes that everyone has the right to access good health care.

For example, the clinic simplified its appointment system by introducing an integrated digital system appointment system. This means that patients can get an appointment from the comfort of their own home.

  • Improving lives and communities

The Mayo Clinic’s priority is to serve the communities in the clinic’s operating regions, providing high quality services. This goal is evident in the medical center’s mission statement. It strategically designs its healthcare programs to impact society. The clinic’s reach and impact are not limited to primary care delivery.

Her delivery of care goes beyond other services for local communities, showing her commitment and dedication to inspiring hope in patients. The clinic offers comprehensive group programs and spa services to enhance the well-being of communities.

  • Provide a quality care process

The Mayo Clinic is renowned for providing high quality and reliable medical care. The healthcare facility excels in everything from care processes and presentation of information to research-related services. It offers a quality that exceeds expectations to make it a leading institution and a popular organization. Mayo Clinic’s various care services set it apart from other hospitals and health centers.

Mayo Clinic Vision Statement

“Transforming Medicine to Connect and Heal as the world’s authority in the treatment of serious or complex diseases.”

Mayo Clinic vision statement is comprehensive and shows its desire to become a global leader in the healthcare industry. The statement indicates the impact the clinic aims to have with its accessible and trusted solutions.

  • Supreme healthcare experience

The Mayo Clinic vision statement emphasizes unparalleled experience and building confidence in the first part. This also underlines the clinic’s leading position in the medical niche.

The Mayo Clinic aims to be a trusted and dependable partner throughout people’s health care journey. The clinic operates in three important areas: clinical practice, research and education. The combination of services indicates that the clinic is not content to settle for what is popular.

Its goal is to continuously improve the care process through innovations and technological advances in various health-related fields. This is why he gained fame and notoriety for his tireless commitment clinical tests and research to provide a better medical process that can improve the customer experience.

Mayo Clinic Core Values

Mayo Clinic’s core values ​​guide its mission, helping it promote a healthy and progressive culture and practices. In fact, the core values ​​of the leading clinic demonstrate the intent and vision of the founders, the first Mayo Doctors.

Here’s an in-depth analysis from the Mayo Clinic fundamental values.

The first value shows the clinic’s goal of adhering to high standards of ethics, professionalism and personal responsibility so that patients have confidence in the health center.

The Mayo Clinic believes in “giving respect to gain respect.” This is why he cultivates the value of treating everyone in a diverse community with respect and dignity. It includes patients, colleagues and their families.

The clinic provides the best care and treats patients and their families with empathy and sensitivity.

This value of the clinic consists in recognizing the contributions and valuing the skills and collaboration of the teams.

This Mayo Clinic value inspires hope and nurtures people’s well-being by respecting their emotional, physical, and spiritual needs.

The Mayo Clinic also aims to energize the organization by improving people’s lives through the unique talents and creative ideas of each employee.

The clinic reinvests its mission and its fundamental values ​​by managing its natural, human and material resources.

The world-renowned medical center shows the importance of providing the best quality services and results through the dedicated efforts of its team members.

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