Neon vision board



We all know how bogged down we can get in the digital age we live in, with constant information pushed into our streams and endless delays. Fortunately, there are new (and much more fun) ways to manage your dreams, goals, and to-do list. Brite Lite Neon has developed unique products to help make our lives easier and brighten our space with color.

Whether it’s an acrylic calendar to get the job done or just a vision board, use it to get organized while having a sense of style. Place this vision board front and center to remind you of your overall aspirations and daily tasks. Obviously, this is not your typical whiteboard as you customize the color of the neon lights. Another plus is that it comes with rainbow markers and washi tape to help you create personalized artwork. You can even vary it to adjust the brightness of the new LED neon. Dimensions: 28 “X 28”.

Brite Light Neon Vision Board

Who to offer: Someone who wants to organize themselves in style. A sibling or a student (or basically any Gen Z gift on your list). A creative or someone who has the passion to keep everything under control.

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