New vision statement for Catholic schools



The culmination of 18 months of consultation and discernment of the mission and purpose of Catholic schools in the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle came to fruition with the launch of a new vision statement.

The launch, chaired by Bishop Bill Wright and Director of Schools, Ray Collins, took place at St Francis Xavier’s College Hamilton on Wednesday August 17, 2016. In the presence of nearly 300 principals, students, parents and priests, it was a truly memorable occasion. for the diocese.

A vision statement committee made up of parent, school and system staff representatives committed to revising the current statement and rethinking a new vision statement. Priests, principals, school staff and students as well as members of the Catholic Schools Council have been consulted in the process over the past 18 months and have worked together to create the final declaration.

A song expressing the key themes of the statement was co-written with educator and songwriter John Burland and first performed at the launch.

At the heart of everything there is always Jesus Christ …
Catholic schools educate:
From and for the community of Faith;
From and for excellence in learning;
In a rigorous, creative and critical quest to truth.

Catholic schools educate from and for vibrant, welcoming and diverse communities, with a particular commitment to the poor; for justice, integrity and peace; and with hope for the future.

At the center of this vision statement are the words “At the heart of everything is Jesus Christ,” says Collins.

“This forms the core of our aspirations for all of our schools, be they communities in which Jesus is at the center of everything we do.

“The statement goes on to stress that with Jesus as a core, we are committed to being communities of faith, places of excellence in learning and focused on a rigorous, creative and critical search for the truth.

Each of the words has been deliberately chosen to signify the nature and purpose of our schools and determines our commitment to our students and their parents. “

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