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GREENVILLE – On Wednesday morning, Greenville Walmart hosted a celebration to reopen its Vision Center. The location at the front of the store was closed in early November to make way for the Vision Center 2.0 project. Greenville has become one of the few stores to offer the new Vision Center.

Tim Goodwin, who represents the home office lens and works on special projects, greeted associates and visitors to the grand opening. “We are very happy to have chosen Greenville as one of our locations. Today we are opening locations number three, four and five.

According to Goodwin, there will be a new assortment of products in Vision Center 2.0 stores that cannot be found in any of their other stores.

The Vision Center Associates continued to work throughout the renovation process to serve their customers and Goodwin proudly shared that all of the Center Associates have been with Walmart for over 17 years. To prepare for the opening of the new center, all employees received additional training.

Market Manager Tracy Saunders said: “I feel like I have two things every time I come into the building. Either I apologize for taking your store manager elsewhere, or I congratulate you. I am incredibly impressed with everything you continue to do in the store. What a great honor to have something like this – knowing that there are only a few in the area. “

Saunders admitted it was a tough time of year to complete this project: “But it’s a great reflection of how much you continue to do here. You are ambassadors, not only to our customers and the community, but you give back and move the store in an incredible direction. “

Goodwin added: “It’s really a challenge when we shut down the whole operation and we don’t do that very often. We have done this at these sites and have worked with associates and our physician partners. We appreciate your due diligence during this time. We are really impressed with the awesome new look.

Walmart associates and Dr. Mark Beach cut the ribbon for the store’s new Vision Center.

Walmart holds the ribbon cup to open the center



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