Ophthalmologists Host a Forum to Answer Your Questions About Vision Loss



If you or someone you love has a visual impairment, there is a free forum to answer your questions and educate you on the options.

The Lighthouse Guild helps people thrive despite vision loss and aims to educate the community about prevention options. It contains “VISION FOR LIFE: What you need to know to prevent vision loss during COVID-19 and beyond”. The free virtual forum is February 24 at 4 p.m.

You can subscribe to the free forum by clicking here.

As the pandemic has forced the intensive use of screens and blue light, people are facing issues of eye strain, headaches and sleep disturbances from blue light. In addition, some have been reluctant to seek treatment in person by ophthalmologists.

Panelists will include Dr Calvin Roberts, President and CEO of Lighthouse Guild, April Jasper OD, FAAO of West Palm Beach and Dr Terence P. O’Brien of Palm Beach Gardens.

“The person behind the eyes is the most important, so the way she uses her eyes,” said Roberts, who believes being an ophthalmologist is the best job in the world. “The greatest joy an ophthalmologist experiences is seeing someone’s life change because of their work. Truly. When the opportunity for a grandparent to see the faces of his grandchildren whom he has never seen.

Dr Roberts encourages people to have eye exams regularly, as some problems can be discovered before they are even noticed.

“In most conditions in ophthalmology, early detection is really the key,” he said.

Major advances in medicine and technology have been made in recent years.

“New innovations in the treatment and care of some of the most serious eye diseases such as glaucoma and macular degeneration. Have the potential to not only prevent vision loss, but in some cases actually reverse it. To actually restore some of the vision of these people, ”said Roberts.

Lighthouse Guild offers a wide range of services to help people adjust and improve their quality of life, including physiotherapy, technology training, and education.

“At Lighthouse Guild, what we love to do is teach people how to use their computers without seeing as they did when they could see. So there’s a lot we can do, make the text on the screen bigger, have text readers, ”Dr Roberts said.



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