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Have you ever created a vision board and noticed that progress is stalling or stale? Author and designer Rhonna Farrer joins the show to share 3 ways to design your life in 2022 using living vision boards! Farrer created a book called “Design Your Life in Beautiful & Meaningful Ways” to explain how others can continually bring your vision board to life.

Conceiving Vision in your daily life is part of your creativity and soul work. The book focuses on 7 fundamental principles for stepping into your power. Connection, creativity, beauty, play, stories, soul work and abundance. The manual guides the reader through creative exercises to help design your vision.

3 Ways to Design Your Transformational Vision Board:

  1. Bring your vision to life by evolving and refining your intentions.

If your Vision Board hasn’t worked for you before, it may have become outdated. It’s never “done”. Keep evolving. TIP: Frame it and surround yourself to infuse vision into your everyday life.

2. Feed your soul with Mind Nutrition.

How do you feed your spirit? The saying goes: for every negative thought, it takes at least 7 positive thoughts to counter that negativity. Fuel your mind with your vision. TIP: Create a digital wallpaper for your phone to feed your mind. (Rhonna Designs App Suite has pre-designed vision board templates to simply insert photos, colors, and add text with your positive affirmations.)

3. Evolve your personal conversation.

Never underestimate the power of simple words. What you say, see, think will influence your personal speech and can help you in your transformation in 2022! TIP: Print out your favorite affirmations the easy way: put them on a notepad in your kitchen. Print 4×4 through Farrers favorite Persnickety Box subscription.

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