Pinterest and TikTok 2022 vision board ideas for setting your goals



Visualization boards are a great way to visualize and manifest the things you want to happen in the New Year. As 2021 draws to a close, now is a great time to get 2022 vision board ideas from TikTok and Pinterest to start creating your own. After all, you want to start the next 365 days with a clear idea of ​​where you are going.

Of course, the vision board ideas you scroll through on TikTok are just examples of a vision board. The real fun comes from designing yours with your unique goals, hopes and dreams for the future. If this is your first year making a vision board, you might also need a vision board app to help you out or a step by step guide to what vision board supplies to get. . Even Etsy has Vision Board Kits ($ 11) you can purchase to make crafting super easy.

However, if you want to do it all on your own, you’ll want to follow these 10 TikTok examples that feature different quotes and vision board techniques to get the mood board of your New Year’s dreams. Heck, you might be so inspired that you’ll want to invite your best friends ASAP for a board party. Together, you will make your boards and state your dreams out loud so that everyone can embark on what is to come.


A step by step guide for beginners

For newbies, TikToker @victoriazubuike has this easy-to-follow guide on how to create a vision board for 2022. You’ll want to write down the areas you want to focus on in the New Year first, like your career and your relationships. Once done, go to Pinterest and create a new Pinterest vision board for the images that will accompany each of these areas.

Once everything is organized, you can create a Canva vision board or digital vision board on another platform. Organize the images you’ve collected from Pinterest into a collage that can then be used as wallpaper on your computer and phone.


Be very specific with your goals

Before you start researching images to add to your moodboard, you want to get a clear idea of ​​your goals for 2022 by writing them down. TikToker @ angelslife.png becomes very specific by not only organizing goals by different areas and themes, but by writing detailed dreams. This is then used to further organize the images found on Pinterest and Tumblr before adding them to the online vision board.


Be super comfortable during vision boarding

You want to create the perfect environment for crating your vision board. The vibrations must be impeccable. For TikToker @virgohabits, that means creating a Spotify playlist of your favorite music and brewing your favorite coffee before you start. Also try this so that you are in the best free space to truly manifest your 2022 dreams.


Vision boards for foodies

You can have different vision boards for different areas of your life. If you’re a foodie, you might want to check out TikToker’s food-inspired vision board @swangxswang for some new ideas. Each picture represents a different purpose, such as organizing the refrigerator and other dinner parties with friends.


Create different areas of your vision board

Instead of just putting all the areas of your life that you want to work on in one large collage, try creating different areas in your collage dedicated to each of those topics. TikToker @jtbarnett perfectly demonstrates this idea. You can even write your powerful words to mark each area.


A vision board with coordinated colors


Create a TikTok vision board

You might prefer to create a digital vision board that is just a TikTok video that you can come back to and watch anytime for inspiration. TikToker @stazzylicious’s 2022 vision board is a prime example. It uses the song “Sail” by AWOLNATION and has images that appear to the beat of the song. They’re even organized by goals that are written in text like “live in the moment”, “more self-care”, and “more travel,” which you can do as well.


Get a good mix of quotes and images

While writing down your goals is a great first step for any vision board, this idea from TikToker @ k8lynanderson is especially great if you want to create a vision board. This list of goals for 2022 can even be the centerpiece of your DIY collage that you hang in your bedroom. You can even include it in your 2022 protest journal and create a collage cover with images on the front.


Place your vision board where you will see it the most

Manu Vega / Moment / Getty Images

In this tutorial, TikToker @annierosenelson creates a vision board filled with health goals, travel inspiration, and even dream space ideas. Using these goals, a collage is then built in PowerPoint with different ambitious images. The final product is then saved to the computer desktop. This is a great idea if you are constantly on your computer because you want your vision board to be where you will see it almost every day.



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