Ryan Reynolds’ ‘Vision Board’ was filled by reuniting Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo for ‘The Adam Project’


By Jamie Samhan.

6 hours ago

Ryan Reynolds and Shawn Levy filled out their “vision board” by reuniting “13 Going on 30” stars Mark Ruffalo and Jennifer Garner for “The Adam Project.”

The cast and director stopped by the SiriusXM town hall hosted by Jess Cagle where they talked about the happy casting accident of the two stars.

“I feel like a real model in retrospect, we had Ryan very early on and I knew we wanted Mark to play the dad in this movie,” Levy recalled. “We had to do it with Mark and, Mark came on board and we were like ‘well, who would be the perfect woman to play Ellie?’ And my memory is my wife, Serena, who suggested Jen Garner.

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“It wasn’t until I shared this idea with Ryan, which he pointed out, you realize we’re unwittingly bringing together Jenna and Mattie from ’13 Going On 30′. So it seems like a really mercenary choice, but it was just based on the two best actors for the role,” he added.

The Canadian actor joked, “I was like, ‘Shawn are we filming my vision board?'”

Levy explained that they were able to benefit from “history and love for each other”.

“You just believe the on-screen marriage because these two people have adored each other for a long time,” he said.

Reynolds and Levy invited their family to the New York screening, but Levy pointed out that he spent more time watching Reynolds’ mother Tammy’s reaction because she’s “very expressive.”

“And she’s seen it before.” And she goes ‘ohhh,'” Levy said. “And all I see is the back of [her] to manage. Yeah. So I get more expression from the back of Tammy’s head than most people’s faces.

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“She’s a very active listener. When you talk to her, she’s like, ‘oh, no,'” Reynolds said, mimicking her mother. “I’m like, ‘Mom, I haven’t said anything yet’.”

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