SPARK: Lisa Kahn’s eye-catching vision board



Lisa created the black wooden pom pom, which is covered with pages from a vintage book. She calls it her “writer’s block” and it makes her laugh when she’s stuck on a writing project. Lisa painted the bee and the fish.

While a spark of inspiration can arise at any time, many creatives collect visual stimuli – photographs, sample designs, pieces, weird pieces – that spark brilliant ideas. Whether it’s a bunch of items pinned to a cork board, tucked into a ribbon board, taped into a scrapbook, or faked elsewhere, the editors of Today’s creators want to know what enlightens you. Here, editor Jane Dagmi asks interior designer Lisa Kahn of Lisa Kahn Designs what’s on her visualization board.

Lisa Kahn

JD: Tell us about your vision board?
LC: I have a vision board because it’s a place where I capture things that inspire me and that speak to my imagination. It’s a mix of everything: quotes, watercolors I painted, phases of the moon, things my children did when they were little, photographs, cards I received, malas, sacred geometry diagrams – if I’m interested I pin it up I also use it to remind myself of what’s important to me. It’s an important tool in my home sanctuary lab and in my design studio.

JD: How do you determine what’s going on on it?
LC: That’s all that catches my eye and my imagination. It doesn’t have to be on paper – I’m including beads, tassels, ornaments. I like that my board has 3D elements.

JD: How often does that change?
LC: I add things to it all the time and a few times a year I purge it and remove things that don’t seem so interesting to me anymore.

JD: Do you empty it completely?
LC: The only time I emptied it was when I moved. I’ve taken out sections of it to pin specific things for a project that I want to look at with a new perspective – seeing it on the wall, while I’m working and doing other things, lets me think about that project and think about it. spin it in my mind. I think about it peripherally and many times from this experience come my most inspired ideas. Creativity in design can be a fickle muse and I find that sometimes it enjoys not being looked directly in the eye.

JD: Are you picky about bedbugs and bedbugs?
LC: Not completely, but I love a nice long pin with a mother of pearl tip at the end. I found a package at JoAnn Fabrics and liked them so much I went back and bought all the boxes they had in stock.

JD: Are you the type of person who needs visual cues on a daily basis?
LC: Definitely yes. It feeds part of my brain and part of my mind.

Lisa Kahn’s vision board has appeared in SPARK, a monthly column featuring previews of vision boards, bulletin boards, journals, inspiration walls, and more. devoted to your visual inspiration. We are looking for more interior designers, decorators, product designers and creatives to share theirs. To submit ideas for SPARK, go here.



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