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“I’m that person who thought vision boards were useless. People I know are really into it and go out of their way, to the point that it feels more like an arts and crafts project. Then 2020 arrived and I felt that my children, my family, had to ring in 2021 with more faith and hope than ever before. I thought to myself, what better way to do that than with a vision board? !

It turns out that vision boards are very useful, I mean the real deal. Therapists say vision boards help us anticipate an outcome and that means you’re more likely to see it through. They are designed to encourage us to think big and embrace the good things that can happen to us in life. Dreams and goals.

With the crazy year we had just experienced, my children and my husband were excited to try something new. We took days to prepare because we wanted it to go well. We already had the magazines at home, we bought poster paper, markers, glue and scissors. On New Years Eve we were ready with our snacks and everything.

Here is how I made my board. Seriously, anyone can and should do this. There is no right or wrong way to do it.

1. Choose a vision for your board

My husband and I made one and the kids made one. My husband and I decided to focus on the things we wanted to do and achieve in 2021 alone.

2. Cut!

Since vision boards are all about seeing, I like to go straight to the magazines! We started going through them one by one looking for things that resonated with us and our visions. It can be cutting out several letters to form a word, cutting out a piece of food or a book. Once we’re done going through our magazine, we skip them and let the next person see if they need anything. It’s your board, you do what you want with it!

3. Put your vision on paper

I like to start with the biggest images first. My kids split theirs down the middle with a marker so they could both do their own thing. You can also section the page with a pencil before laying down the images.

4. Paste as you go

Seriously, go for it! No dream is too big. As you piece it together, you begin to realize that this vision is really what you want for yourself.

5. Write the date on the back!

It’s like the most important thing to do! It will be what you watch over and over again to remind you of where you want to be and a date can help us stay on target.

6. Put it in a place where you will see it often

We decided to hang ours in our office. We have to see it every day and that’s good. We’ve done a lot on this board and it makes you proud and accomplished when you do. You will also always feel motivated to achieve other goals.

Try it with the family before the new year!

Nia Harden

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