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The Hobby Hole is a series where our writers share their hobbies and interests.

Pinning photos to Pinterest is a fun and relaxing way for me to spend my breaks from work.

I had a lot of fun creating Pinterest boards with images ranging from my interest in architecture, to natural hair, to fashion, to fitness goals. The boards serve as inspiration; they remind me of the things I aspire to and what makes me tick.

Growing up, I used to staring at my Pinterest for hours, but finally realized that I was wasting my time doing nothing and decided to develop my hobby.

I learned from the book Success is who you are by Sam Adeyemi that what you visualize can come true. For me, that meant that if I recorded pictures of what I want in my future somewhere, I could see them often, and prayed and believed in the manifestation of these dreams, they could happen.

After learning this piece of wisdom, I had to try it for myself. Over time, my Pinterest hobby morphed into pinning pictures online to print and stick them on my bedroom walls (seems like a lot of work, but it’s a cinch though. you really appreciate it).

Most of the pictures on my visualization board are my dreams for the future, and I was even able to fulfill one of those dreams through the power of visualization and prayer when I was in high school.

When I was in high school I wanted to get a scholarship, so I printed out a scholarship certificate, filled it out, and placed it on my bedroom wall. But the years went by and I couldn’t find any scholarships I was entitled to. In grade 12, I had lost hope in my dream.

Eventually a family member asked me to apply for the Alexander Rutherford scholarship. I was still discouraged and didn’t want to apply because I was sure there was a tedious essay I should write, something I wasn’t used to at the time. After some encouragement, I applied and was glad there was no essay required! When I started college, I got the high school scholarship that I had always wanted, and I wanted to try and get more scholarships.

Years have passed since this accomplishment, but I’m still amazed at how some of the dreams on my vision board have come about. As for the others, I patiently remain praying and dreaming.



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