This groom created a 15-page vision board for his July wedding




A passionate disco duo marry with a party worthy of Studio 54.

Photo by Léna Mirisola


Gregory Costa and James Morrison, who met through an online dating site, had their first kiss on their fourth date. “I thought it was now or never,” says Gregory. “We were like two high school students. From there, the romance blossomed. Gregory proposed a walk with their dogs in Hopkinton State Park three years later. “James said yes, but he never took off his mask!” Gregory said laughing.

The couple married in July 2021 at Grove at Briar Barn Inn in Rowley. Although Gregory owns a floral and event design business, he never expected to launch such an elaborate production. “I created a 15 page vision board,” he says, still surprised. He took the lead on the flowers – white blossoms interspersed with dark greenery – and the decor, selecting acrylic and mirrored elements (disco balls included). James oversaw the wine and desserts, as well as the couple’s outfits, right down to the dog-and-bone-shaped cufflinks, a nod to their four-legged friends.

After a cocktail party between New England and South Beach on the patio, the 52 guests entered the barn through a curtain of white fog, to the sound of disco music. When the final toast ended, Gregory surprised his wife with a heartbreaking video of the family of James, who were unable to travel from Ireland due to COVID restrictions. “I had no idea; it upset me,” said James.


Photo by Léna Mirisola

Gregory and James got ready together, donning gray suits with custom cashmere linings.

Photo by Léna Mirisola

Rather than opting for a traditional procession, the couple walked past their guests together and filled the central aisle with white roses.

Photo by Léna Mirisola

White draperies added sophistication to the rustic interior, and an installation of pampas grass, orchids, palm leaves, and disco balls hung above the dance floor.

Photo by Léna Mirisola

The bridesmaids, daughters of dear friends, set off green smoke bombs, matching the color scheme.

Photo by Léna Mirisola

The appetizers included platters of artisan cheese, jam and honey. “Their food is faultless,” Gregory says of Grove at the Briar Barn Inn.

Photo by Léna Mirisola

“Our wedding was a celebration of love, friends and family,” said James. “The toast and the decor were littered with jokes that everyone understood.”

Photo by Léna Mirisola

At aperitif time, the waiters circulated with mini cosmopolitans on acrylic trays.

Photo by Léna Mirisola

Ornate silver cutlery and pressed glass goblets made up the cutlery.


Photo by Léna Mirisola

Bagpipes Michel Saltis
Bracelets / Rings Tiffany and company.
Cufflinks Bloomingdale’s
Decor / Flowers Flou (-e) r Floral Specialty Events
DJ DJ Petro
Drapery / Lighting Productions Gateway
Reconcile Bre Welch, the art of leather and lace
Marquee Your love in lights
Celebrant Joe Rogers, contagious events
Place cards / Seating plan KD Calligraphy Arts
Rentals State-of-the-art event services
Shoes Johnston and Murphy
Combinations Beehive & Colony
Ties Burberry

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