University Hospitals launch new vision statement: “Advancing the Science of Health and the Art of Compassion”



Beginning with an advertising campaign during the Super Bowl, University Hospitals are launching a new vision statement: “Advancing the Science of Health and the Art of Compassion.”

According to a press release, two commercials that aired during the Super Bowl on February 4 are part of a series of spots featuring real patients and their caregivers sharing their experiences at UH. The advertisements will then be shown on regional television channels, in conjunction with radio, newspaper and digital advertisements.

“We believe this new vision statement is important in unifying our staff in the pursuit of common goals that improve the health of patients here in Northeast Ohio, and ultimately around the world,” said Thomas F. Zenty III, CEO of University Hospitals, in a prepared statement. .

The vision statement aims to define the system as a nationally leading academic center and health system that brings together medical research, new technologies and personalized care. The health system of 18 hospitals has 26,000 employees and serves 1.3 million patients per year.

In its 151-year history, UH has pioneered medical innovations, including the world’s first cardiac defibrillator, the first successful infant formula, and pioneering research into the health of very low birth weight babies, the statement said.

UH is accelerating discoveries from the lab to the market through the Harrington Discovery Institute, which provides funding and pharmaceutical support to physician-researchers around the world with promising research.

“We have carefully chosen these words to define who we are today and where our momentum will take us,” Zenty said. “” Move forward “because the UH is forward-looking and dynamic. “Science” refers to our leading role in research and discovery. focus beyond simple intervention and focus more on prevention and well-being. And “the art of compassion” because that’s what we’re known for. “

UH’s mission statement – “Heal. Teach. Discover. – will continue to remain very visible, according to the press release.



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