Village of Oak Creek is working on vision statement and plan



To thrive, a community needs a vision and a plan.

These are the first words that we see when browsing a website dedicated to the Plan Village 2022.

“Unlike incorporated zones, we do not have the funding or the staff to undertake the work necessary for our community vision statement and community plan. But we have extraordinarily capable and directly relevant time, treasure and talent in this community, ”the website says.

At the end of 2020, an ad hoc committee was formed through the Big Park Regional Coordinating Council to work with citizens and businesses to develop a community vision and plan. The committee is made up of 17 core members and over 35 active community members. As part of this effort, residents were asked to complete a community-specific survey.

The aim of the survey is to bring together a broad cross-section of residents ‘perspectives to compose a community vision statement that articulates the “residents’ perspective” on the unique intrinsic characteristics of the community, according to a press release. . This statement was requested by Yavapai County Development Services as part of its 10-year update of the state-mandated County Comprehensive Plan.

BPRCC chairman Camille Cox said there were two parties to the county’s mission for what they call the 2032 Comprehensive Plan update for Yavapai County. They call them the vision statement and the community plan.

Unincorporated communities are invited to address eight topics prescribed in the plan, which are the same as those the county is mandated to address in its overall plan.

“The idea is that what comes from the communities will follow the overall plan,” she said.

The purpose of the first survey is to gather feedback for the vision statement. This is the first deliverable the county has requested.

There will be additional polls to gather feedback on 10 specific hot topics, based on the research, discussions and drafts of the committee’s working groups. These hot areas are land use, transport, environment, water resources, open spaces, energy, development costs, areas for growth, parks and recreation, schools , business and economics.

“The working groups do the basic research and drafting of their topic, submit the drafts to the full committee for review, and ultimately a final draft is produced by consensus for community review and comment,” Cox said. .

“The survey data will be compiled, analyzed and communicated to the community. The draft vision statement and community plan will be reviewed with the community before being finalized.

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