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We are fortunate to reside on an incredible island, an island that we are all dedicated to and want to maintain and improve for our community. Every Key Biscayner has thoughts, ideas, and questions about how best to prepare our village for the challenges and opportunities that come our way.

Some of these challenges, such as traffic jams, parking shortages, and a beach that seems to be constantly eroding, we face almost daily. Other concerns — such as the impact of rising sea levels on property values ​​and how Key Biscayne can remain a community conducive to young families and longtime elderly residents — are challenges to be faced. longer term.

Our vibrant community also faces wonderful opportunities to help unite residents, such as beach and bay access, enriching our parks, and enhancing our shopping district.

With proper planning and implementation, we can overcome our challenges and work together to ensure Key Biscayne’s future is one we can all proudly support.

The Village Strategic Vision Plan Board of Directors was formed to assist in the creation of a vision plan that encapsulates the aspects of our village that give it its distinct character and high quality of life. Our plan is to make sure that we: preserve the things we want to protect; we identify future improvements and aspirations that residents are looking for; and, determine what we want to improve.

It will be a plan designed by our community, for our community.

The most important part of this process is public participation. There has already been a high level of participation on the website, and we encourage you to visit the site to familiarize yourself with this planning effort. In particular, we hope you will be aware of the schedule of presentations and public “charette” workshops that the Village’s expert planning firm, Duany Plater Zyberk (DPZ), has organized between February 15 and 19.

Join us to discuss a variety of topics during lunchtime and evening meetings which are organized for active participation of all participants. Find the topics that interest you the most and get involved. We need resident feedback to prepare a long-term plan that will change our community – making it better, stronger and more resilient.

Our village is a great community, not because of luck or chance, but because of the efforts of those who came before us to build, protect and preserve our island paradise. 30 years have passed since the incorporation of the Village. By all accounts, these 30 years have been an exceptionally successful effort guided, in part, by the village’s existing vision plan. Now is the time to create a new Vision Plan to guide us for the next 30 years!

In the same spirit of “can do” that has always thrived in this community and is part of our success, please join us in developing a vision plan to keep Key Biscayne great and make it even greater!

Signed: Your neighbors on the Strategic Vision Board: Matt Bramson, Luis F. de la Cruz, Robert Duzoglou, Mario Garcia-Serra, Lucia Marin, Tom McCormick and Jorge Mendia.


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