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Vision Boards (or Dream Boards as they are often called) are powerful tools to achieve whatever you want in your life.

Every new year, I lead a few Vision Board workshops

We start with meditation and cleanse our minds and hearts from the events of the past year and focus on what we would enjoy and desire in 2021.

We create our vision boards by listening to music and when we finish them we meditate and use Reiki symbols to improve our intentions for 2021.

You will fully appreciate this demonstration workshop.
Investment in your Vision Board $ 65
All supplies included

This course is planned closer to the New Year so that you can start your year with clear visions of your goals for 2021

However, for consistency, I suggest you attend a few other vision board meetings throughout the year. He will keep you on your way and achieve all your

I schedule classes throughout the year as close to the New Moon as possible to bring the powerful New Moon energy into the manifestation of your desires.

Cost $ 65
*** I provide everything to create your Vision Board.
I provide light snacks and refreshments.

Bring you and your intentions for 2021

Facilitator Fiona Newman

Organized by The Healing House School



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