Vision panel kits inspire the next generation



Keybox allows parents to interact with their children while working on their visualization boards.

The quote, “An objective without a plan is only a wish”, by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, has always resonated with Lakesha Holiday. This quote, along with the desire to see the next generation succeed, inspired her to create her own vision board kits named Keybox.

“Keybox is a tangible additional resource which is a vision board kit that enables Gen Z to create an action plan for their short and long term goals,” Holiday said. “The data has proven that when you are able to not only create an action plan for your goals, but also create a visual representation of what those goals look like, you are more likely to achieve them.”

The Keybox comes fully loaded with the items needed to create your vision board, such as glue, markers, glitter and more. Holiday started Keybox in November 2016 because they wanted to show young people how to focus on their dreams.

“I’ve always seen adults trying to get kids to set goals, but I’ve never really seen anyone teaching kids what it takes to maintain their goals,” she said. “I just feel like if you set an outside goal and haven’t done the work necessary to maintain your success, it will be short-lived.

“With Keybox, it helps create a base of who you need to become internally, to accomplish externally what you want in the short or long term. The vision board component came about because it’s just a fun, interactive visual piece that I feel is important when it comes to goal setting. The main objective is to help create this base of who I am to become internally, so that I am able to not only maintain, but nurture and sustain the success of my goal.

According to Holiday, her Keyboxes are marketed for everyone, but so far she has seen her biggest clientele of young African American girls. His hope is to attract more young men, hoping to inspire them to set goals at a young age as well.

“If I can be transparent and honest, I really want to start hosting vision board parties with more African American men and only men in general, because they also have goals,” she continued. “I just feel right when they think of vision board parties, they think it’s more of a female or female activity, but I would like to tap into the market to reach more African men and men. Americans in particular. “

Holiday appreciated the positive feedback from customers who bought their Keybox. This prompted her to continue reaching out to the masses to publicize goal setting.

“They like the fact that it’s something they can continually add,” she said of what her customers value most about Keybox. “I always tell my attendees, or those I have the opportunity to work with, that these vision board kits are not something to be completed in one sitting, or completed in a few weeks, as you should always add to what it is. you want to accomplish.

Holiday gave an example of how one of their customers continued to add to their Keybox over time. The young woman wanted to improve her grades at school, so she added her progress reports and report cards to the Keybox to remind her to focus on her grades. This is exactly how Holiday wanted young people to use their Keybox.

Parents of children who received Keyboxes were very happy with their children’s new direction, Holiday said.

“Parents were pleasantly surprised with the product and pleasantly surprised that it is an interactive activity that they can do with their child,” she said.

Having her product used by the school system as an additional resource is Holiday’s next dream. With many districts going virtual during the pandemic, she believes Keybox would help many children focus on their schoolwork.

“Unfortunately, I have read statistics on the number of students failing across the country due to the pandemic and the challenges virtual learning can present,” she continued. “I would love to see it used as an additional resource to possibly be of assistance in which students can couple it with virtual tutoring and other academic improvement needs.”

Holiday feels that she is doing what she was placed on this earth to do. Helping others pursue their dreams brings great satisfaction to her, she said.

“I come from a legacy of educators in my immediate family,” she said. “I truly believe that part of my God given goal is to be a light in the field of education and not to sit idly by and talk about the changes that need to be made, but rather to offer solutions on how these changes can be made.

“We all know what reaching goals means, but one mistake I made that I don’t want other young children to make is that goal hitting was something that had to be done after the high school graduation. I believe that if we start developing these good habits and decision-making skills early on, it can take away some of the unnecessary pressure you face after high school. Knowing that I have a solution to help Gen Z do this makes me feel fulfilled.

For more information on Keybox, please visit It is available for vision board evenings and while stocks last, it offers a special surprise inside each Keybox.



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